A Wonderland, saintly seltzer & an Australian world first for Scotch

November 5, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling summer ‘Wonderland’

Australia’s #1 selling bottled wine brand*, JACOB’S CREEK has partnered with contemporary Melbourne-based surface pattern designer Cassie Byrnes, to release a new limited-edition look for the award-winning Jacob’s Creek Classic Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir, perfectly timed as summer and the festive season approaches.

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New seltzer is kind of saintly with just the right amount of wrong

Looking for a righteous tipple this summer? Your prayers are answered with the independently-owned and locally- produced, Saintly Hard Seltzer. It’s coming in hot, with an irreverent attitude, without the usual sugar, carbs or calories.

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Mornington Peninsula Brewery releases non-alc pale ale

Award winning Mornington Peninsula Brewery announces its first non-alcoholic pale ale. Mornington Free will be the brand’s first foray into the non-alcohol sector with the launch just in time for summer, as many Australians look to reconsider their drinking habits in light of global mindful drinking movements.

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World’s first ready to drink Scotch and tonic…in a can

Australian-owned Scotch Whisky, Pure Scot, has launched into the ready to drink category with a bang by announcing two daringly different high strength, all natural, premium canned cocktails.

Pure Scot Signature & Tonic is the world’s first ready to drink Scotch and tonic, a revolutionary pairing that says “don’t be told” to anyone who claims there’s only one way to drink Scotch.

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