RTD and Premix

Lyre’s Dry July RTDs

 Lyre’s is launching two new dark spirit RTDs, American Malt & Cola and Dark n’ Spicy, just in time for Dry July and the chillier months. The new releases will be available as a limited release from the June long weekend and are expected to sell out. The American Malt & Cola is a blend of Lyre’s American … Continued

June 7, 2021
3 men infront Ampersand Vodka sign

Ampersand leads with packaging first and portfolio expansion

Ampersand takes its name from the symbol – & – reinforcing the company’s value to provide beverages that can be easily added to, enhanced and experimented with by consumers. The term ‘add whatever you want’ is a common tagline of their marketing campaigns. The initial concept for “Vodka, Soda, &” was developed to provide consumers … Continued

May 28, 2021

Melbourne’s Malocchio – a standout seltzer with attitude

Celebrating the native botanicals of Australia the Malocchio Group have released their first two flavours, Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum. With all the elements of a true seltzer, Malocchio Group believes they have the balance right with their clean, sophisticated hard seltzer. Refreshing like a crisp soda water, accompanied by a subtle sweetness from natural … Continued

May 19, 2021

It’s very, very big in Japan: -196

Beam Suntory’s leadership in bringing the best of ‘brand Japan’ to Australia has been cemented with the group’s next release, minus 196 Double Lemon (-196). Aussies will soon be able to experience the intensity of Japan’s popular ready-to drink (RTD) ‘-196°C Strong Zero’, with its maker Beam Suntory launching -196 Double Lemon in Australia this … Continued

May 7, 2021

America’s favourite White Claw flavour arrives

America’s top selling White Claw flavour, Black Cherry, has hit Australian shores giving Aussie drinkers the chance to finally get their hands on the flavour that has been stirring waves with those lucky enough to score one of the first cans. The flavour, it seems, is quite divisive. Available until sold out, White Claw fans … Continued

May 3, 2021

Babelicious cocktails in a can

Basic Babe has expanded from Hard Seltzer launching two delicious canned cocktails designed by bar staff into the market in late April. The Mojito and Margarita cocktails are damn fine looking, ready to drink, sparkling cocktails in a can. Made with spirits and not brewed or fermented, these two sparkling cocktails – raspberry and lime … Continued

April 15, 2021

A fresh new spirit from Japan

This year, the dream of sitting in an izakaya sipping on Japan’s national spirit is brought closer to home with the launch of Beam Suntory’s Koyomi Shochu. In full bottle spirit (FBS) format, Koyomi Shochu (700ml, ABV 25%) brings a taste of Japan to Australia with its crisp, refreshing and versatile taste with low alcohol, … Continued

April 14, 2021