RTD and Premix

Gravity’s fruity first

Gravity Seltzer Co has launched its new tropical juicy brewed Seltzer flavour; Kiwi and Guava (4 per cent ABV), combining the sweetness of guava with the refreshing tartness of kiwi. Traditionally, hard seltzers are made with vodka, gin or other hard spirits. But Gravity skips the spirits and uses traditional beer brewing methods, minimising the … Continued

August 10, 2022

Australia’s first violet gin in a can

South Australian based Twenty Third Street Distillery has launched its award-winning Violet Gin in a brand new RTD can, perfect for those on the go and marking Australia’s first violet gin in a can. The Violet Gin RTD combines the heady Australian native botanicals of Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Violet Gin with sugar-free tonic. It’s … Continued

August 10, 2022

An authentic Tequila perfect for home

Rey Loco, uses 100 per cent real Tequila to make its pre-mixed cocktails and has launched two new products to meet the growing consumer demand in Australia for the real stuff. The range is comprised of two products, Tequila Lime & Soda and Tequila Bloody Orange & Soda. While many Tequila premix brands use an … Continued

June 20, 2022

Pina Colada trial proves a fizzy hit

If you like pina coladas then you’re going to love the new, limited edition flavour by Queensland hard seltzer brand, Hard Fizz – Pina Colada Fizz. Somewhat bizarrely, the flavour has a distinct creamy taste despite being perfectly clear like the other hard seltzers in the brand’s range. “I’m not joking, this is the most … Continued

May 30, 2022

AFL young guns create this doozy 

Sydney Swans players Oliver Florent and Will Hayward along with Harry Hayward, have partnered with Richards Rose to create an alcoholic sparkling water, Doozy. The creators say that they are not pretending to save the world. They just want people to reconnect and have some fun after a long period of restraint and restriction.  “When Will and I were in lock-down hubs playing AFL last season, we … Continued

April 21, 2022