Leading Australian musical artist G Flip launches alcoholic juice brand 

July 3, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Australian musician Georgia Claire Flipo, known professionally as G Flip, has today entered Australia’s drinks market with the launch of the BOX alcoholic juices. Included in the brand’s initial release are two flavour options: BOX Apple Guava and BOX Tropical Bang. 

According to the musician, “BOX is the drink I always wished existed.

“One, because I like the flavour of juice, and two, since becoming a singer I stay away from carbonation (think burping on stage). Nobody wants that. So juice and alcohol is what I drink before I perform. It’s my vibe.” 

The final product, crafted by the team at Moon Dog Brewery, is lightly sparkling, balancing the musician’s requirements with a refreshing effervescence. 

“The minimal carbonation enhances the naturally sweet and juicy mouthfeel”, said Josh Uljans, Moon Dog’s CEO. 

Both BOX flavour options are made using real fruit juice and without artificial sweeteners, with BOX Apple Guava blending cloudy apple juice with a squeeze of guava and BOX Tropical Bang mixing orange juice, passion fruit and candied pineapple.

While the products are being made by Moon Dog, Uljans says that BOX has remained true to G Flip’s vision.

“G isn’t just a face behind this brand, G is BOX, the juice in the can is a result of their creation vision and it was a pleasure to bring the liquid to life together,” he said.

Both flavour options are vegan friendly, low in gluten and are canned at an abv of 4.5%. To begin with, BOX alcoholic juices will be available nationwide exclusively in Endeavour Drinks stores at an RRP of $22 per 4-pack, $105 per case of 24, and $48 per mixed 10-pack.

Reflecting on the opportunity, Endeavour Group’s Head of Spirits Sarah Hall said that “BOX is the best of both worlds.

“It’s a largely untouched category and brand new product, unlike anything else on our shelves at the moment. It offers trusted and nostalgic flavours. And importantly, it’s ticking all the boxes in terms of what our consumers are looking for right now, particularly Millennials. BOX spells adventure, appetite for risk but with the tastes they know and love.”

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