Release Radar: AI-inspired wine, G-Flip launches drinks brand, & more

July 4, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Leading Australian musical artist G Flip launches alcoholic juice brand

Australian musician Georgia Claire Flipo, known professionally as G Flip, has today entered Australia’s drinks market with the launch of the BOX alcoholic juices. Included in the brand’s initial release are two flavour options: BOX Apple Guava and BOX Tropical Bang.

BOX is being crafted by the team at Moon Dog Brewery. Moon Dog’s CEO Josh Uljans says that BOX has remained true to G Flip’s vision.

“G isn’t just a face behind this brand, G is BOX, the juice in the can is a result of their creation vision and it was a pleasure to bring the liquid to life together,” he said.

Both flavour options are vegan friendly, low in gluten and are canned at an abv of 4.5%. To begin with, BOX alcoholic juices will be available nationwide exclusively in Endeavour Drinks stores at an RRP of $22 per 4-pack, $105 per case of 24, and $48 per mixed 10-pack.

Reflecting on the release, Endeavour Group’s Head of Spirits Sarah Hall said “it’s a largely untouched category and brand new product, unlike anything else on our shelves at the moment. It offers trusted and nostalgic flavours. And importantly, it’s ticking all the boxes in terms of what our consumers are looking for right now, particularly Millennials. BOX spells adventure, appetite for risk but with the tastes they know and love.”

G Flip herself said “BOX is the drink I always wished existed… One, because I like the flavour of juice, and two, since becoming a singer I stay away from carbonation (think burping on stage). Nobody wants that. So juice and alcohol is what I drink before I perform. It’s my vibe.”

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Australian Vintage CTZN makes AI-curated, human-crafted wine

This week, Australian Vintage launched its latest wine brand, CTZN. The debut release includes two blends that were determined by leading AI algorithms.

“CTZN was created to push the boundaries of how AI can influence the world around us,” said Tom Dusseldorp, Australian Vintage’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Most brands using AI have done design, advertising, or packaging. We asked the question what if AI influenced everything?”

The first two wines released by CTZN are Quantum Quintessence, a Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend; and Ethereal Pulse, a blend of Grenache, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo.

Both blends were curated by the SOM AI algorithm in collaboration with CTZN’s technology partners Mik Studio, MIK. The project itself was inspired by French AI wine pioneers Aubert & Mathieu.

“SOM’s persona was meticulously crafted using generative AI and refined by Web 3.0 experts crafting detailed prompts, moving and interacting with users fluidly in Augmented Reality,” said Tom Cotton, Creative Director of Mik Studio.

“Transporting you out of the digital realm and immersing you into the CTZN world, SOM is ready to expertly guide your wine-tasting like never before using your smartphone as a guide,” said Cotton.

Both CTZN wines are available now from Dan Murphy’s stores at an RRP of $26.

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Teeling’s Explorers Series 15 Year Old Japanese Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey producer Teeling Whiskey has added a new whiskey to its Australian lineup: the Explorers Series 15 Year Old Japanese Edition. The new limited-edition release is the first Teeling’s Explorers Series whiskey to be released outside of travel retail.

“With our new Explorers Series 15 Year Old Japanese Edition, we have pushed the boundaries of Irish Whiskey by incorporating elements of Japanese craft spirits,” said Jack Teeling, Founder and Managing Director of Teeling Whiskey.

“Through a friend living in Japan we could source these casks directly and have been waiting patiently for over four years before we felt it was the right time to bottle up this one of a kind whiskey.”

The Teeling Explorers Series 15 Year Old Japanese Edition initially spent 11 years in ex-bourbon barrels prior to its unique cask finishing treatment in ex-Mugi Shochu casks. Shochu is widely considered the hidden gem of Japanese spirits and is consumed more than Sake domestically. While not common in the Australian market, Shochu made from Mugi/barley is a distinctly light and yet exotic Japanese spirit.

Teeling’s Explorers Series 15 Year Old Japanese Edition displays a unique flavour profile of toasted barley, exotic lychee and passionfruit, along with a subtle hint of oak.

Teeling said, “we believe this unique collaboration has resulted in a whiskey that truly represents the spirit of exploration, innovation, and craftsmanship that Teeling Whiskey stands for.”

The new limited-edition whiskey is available to buy now at Dan Murphy’s at an RRP of $175.

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Riddoch Coonawarra unveils 2024 collection

Included in the Riddoch Coonawarra’s 2024 Collection Release are The Pastoralist Cabernet Sauvignon 2022, The Investor Merlot 2022, The Author Cabernet Sauvignon 2021, and The Author Shiraz 2021.

The two flagships, the Author Cabernet Sauvignon and The Author Shiraz, both retail at $65 per bottle and stand as tribute to the region’s pioneering vigneron John Riddoch, who is regarded as one of Australian wine’s founding fathers.

“The Author Cabernet and Shiraz are made from old vine fruit deemed the best of the vintage,” said Chief Winemaker Tim Heath.

“They are our peak expression of these top Coonawarra styles and will reward heavily those patient enough to cellar them.”

The Pastoralist Cabernet Sauvignon and The Investor Merlot both retail at $40 per bottle.

“With The Pastoralist Cabernet Sauvignon and The Investor Merlot, we’ve had a lot of fun invoking the varietal and regional personality through blending,” explained Heath.

“These are Coonawarra wines at heart, which display an elegant balance of juicy fruit aromas and depth in age. They’re bold and plush and make for a perfect elevated drink.”

Riddoch Coonawarra’s 2024 Collection release is available now from select Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.

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