Beer & Cider

Peachy Bellini beer-y: Counter culture’s juicy delight

Stone & Wood’s Counter Culture has released Peachy Cheeks, a peach Bellini sour. A collaboration between Counter Culture and Northern Rivers LGBTQIA+ organisation, Queer Family Inc, it’s s beauty: a sassy Bellini sour, that pours sweet layers of peach, mango and apricot puree over a pale and wheat malt, Blue Lake rolled wheat base, rounded … Continued

March 23, 2021

Live Rangerously with this US cult classic

Hailing from the globally renowned New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, Voodoo Ranger has gained cult status thanks to its edgy, disruptive personality and great tasting range of full- flavoured IPAs. This mysterious new arrival down under is best summed up by USA craft beer lover and skeleton fanatic, Kyle Bradshaw, New Belgium … Continued

March 21, 2021

Tutti Fruiti and Ranga Tang Tang: Batlow Cider gets creative

Batlow Cider has released its new product range Batlow Blended is a series of unique and exciting fruit and spice driven varieties of hard apple cider, including three fresh new flavours. Tuti Fruiti, which is a combination of apple and tropical fruits Ranga Tang Tang, a combination of apple and fresh ginger and Big Red, … Continued

March 15, 2021