RTD and Premix

White Claw’s watermelon crashes into Australia for summer

Australia’s number one hard seltzer[1], White Claw is bringing its long-awaited and most requested flavour to Australian shores from next month.  Watermelon is being rated by consumers as on par with current number one favourite, mango[2] as the leading tastes of Australian summers. Made with sparkling water, triple distilled spirit and a hint of natural Watermelon flavour, White … Continued

September 20, 2021

Make mine a Mojito to go!

Bacardi, producer of the world’s most awarded rum, unveils Bacardi Mojito in the new and convenient format of a 250ml ready-to-drink can. Crafted using the iconic Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum along with all-natural flavours and real ingredients, Bacardi Mojito combines the mouth-watering freshness of the Caribbean with zesty lime, revitalising mint, and sparkling … Continued

September 17, 2021

Primo Espresso Martini dressed up and ready to go

Following three years of extensive research and development, Mr Black Espresso Martini has launched a fun-packed Espresso Martini in a 200ml can to shake up and enjoy anywhere.  Charged with nitrogen and made using top-grade arabica coffee, pure Australian vodka, and a generous splash of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, the new ready-to-drink offering means consumers … Continued

September 13, 2021

Diageo’s local RTDs to support the Reef

Diageo Australia has launched of Reeftip Drinks Co, a homegrown drinks brand with a bold purpose. In partnership with the Coral Nurture Program, 10 per cent of Reeftip profits will be donated towards regenerating one of the country’s greatest natural assets and the world’s largest coral reef system – The Great Barrier Reef. Reeftip Drinks Co will assist the … Continued

September 9, 2021

Party in a box

Brisbane-based and Australian owned and made drinks company Basic Babe has launched the new and exciting Boxtail cocktails in a box. Known for its delicious seltzers, the company has gone next level in the format department with its 2 litre cask of pre-made low-calorie cocktails. It’s a lockdown dream. Available in three flavours, these new … Continued

September 3, 2021

Passionfruit on trend for summer

Fellr have launched a new flavour anticipating what is bound to be a summer filled with celebration. Their newest alcoholic seltzer boasts natural Passionfruit flavours, reminiscent of family barbeques and nostalgic summer beach days. The fresh taste is complemented with crisp hints of citrus ending with a smooth, dry finish. FELLR Co-Founder Andy Skora is excited about … Continued

September 1, 2021

Saintly taps into cocktail craze with new range

Independent hard seltzer brand Saintly has conveniently channelled the spirit of the zeitgeist with the launch of its timely range of cocktail-inspired seltzers promoted through its ‘Thirst Levels Rising’ campaign. Maybe it’s a COVID thing, but whether it’s a ‘walktail’ with a mate or a zoom cocktail session, the cocktail craze is experiencing a booming … Continued

August 31, 2021

Spritely, peachy, limey. The new Sunly.

Bubbling with subtle layers of peach paired with the light zing of Australian native Finger lime, Stone & Wood’s new peach and finger lime Sunly seltzer is a bright, refreshing finish to those fresh spring days.  Since launching in market just over a year ago, Sunly has received amazing support from both industry and drinkers alike.  … Continued

August 5, 2021