Release Radar: Scotch whisky exclusive to Aus, a charity brew, world-first eco packaging, & more

May 23, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin 2024 

Four Pillars has announced the re-release of Bloody Shiraz Gin for 2024.

Now in its ninth vintage, Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is still made using the same recipe of nothing but gin and cool-climate Shiraz grape juice. 

The final product is characterised by its profile of citrus, dense raspberry and spice, along with its distinctive purple colouring. 

According to Head Distiller Cameron Mackenzie, the 2024 vintage shaped up better than initial forecasts suggested.

“What we thought was going to be a long, hot and dry summer turned into the exact opposite,” he said. 

“It was mild, with cool nights and rain when we needed it. Some say it’s the best since 1992, so let’s go with that.”

The gin will be available from 29 May to Four Pillars members and then from its website and Gin Shops from 8 June. To kick off the launch, a promotional opportunity that will see every bottle purchase come with a chance to win one of two $250 restaurant vouchers for every single day between 29 May and 30 June.

For more information read this Drinks Trade article or visit

Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Rioja Cask collection

Drinks Trade recently had the chance to preview Glen Moray’s latest Warehouse 1 collection whiskies with global brand ambassador Iain Allan.

“This release for 2024 is the first time we’re taking it to a global market,” he said. 

“These are bigger releases than we’ve done in the past and they will be available here in Australia but they will also be available in markets all over the world.”

The first of the two-whisky release is the 2015 Rioja Cask Matured Single Malt bottled at 58.3% abv.

“The first one we have is the 2015 Rioja matured so this one is fully matured [in the Rioja casks],  the spirit went into [barrel] on day one. 

“Typically what we’ve done a lot with our experimental casks is ‘finishing’… This one here is fully matured: it went in there in 2015 and has remained in there for eight years… When we give it a good length of time that’s when we can allow in the wine to really take hold allowing the cast to really have a kind of voice within the spirit really kind of expresses itself quite strongly. 

“Here you get the lovely rich dark fruits and tobacco notes coming through from the Rioja cask.”

The second release is the 2012 Rioja Cask Finished Peated Single Malt, bottled at 57.7% alcohol by volume. 

“This isn’t fully matured [in Rioja casks], so you’re not allowing the wine such a strong voice within the spirit; so we take that away but what we replace it with is a peated spirit, so we smoke our malted barley with peat and that provides a whole new layer of flavour,” said Allan.

“What we’ve then gained is an extra flavour layer within the spirit, and then we’re allowing the Rioja cask [to contribute] a bit, and then we’re allowing the original cask which is bourbon to have a part to say.

“You’re getting these three distinct layers of flavour within this spirit.”

The 2015 Rioja Cask Matured and the 2012 Rioja Cask Finished are Glen Moray’s first ever Australian Warehouse 1 release, with distribution to be handled by The Whisky List.

Click here to read more about the releases.

Brewmanity Ice Cold Lager

Brewmanity Beer Co’s latest release, the Brewmanity Ice Cold Lager, has been crafted in partnership with Coles Liquor to provide support for FightMND’s Big Freeze 10 Charity initiative.

Ice Cold Lager is an easygoing and approachable brew with floral and citrus flavours, made using 100% Australian-grown malts and hops. 

“At Brewmanity we’re about good beer, good times, and good deeds and the Ice Cold Lager culminates just that,” said David Neitz, Co-Founder of Brewmanity Beer Co. 

“Our mission has always been simple, to produce quality beer and help raise funds to fight the beast that is MND.”

The Brewmanity Beer Co Ice Cold Lager will remain available for $14 per 4-pack online and in-store at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market, and Vintage Cellars stores nationwide up until 18 June or stocks run out. 

More information on the partnership with Coles Liquor can be found in this Drinks Trade article.

Highland Park Single Cask #3439 

Highland Park and Barrel & Batch have unveiled the third edition of their single cask series, the Highland Park 10-Year-Old Single Cask #3439 Ex Sherry Single Malt Whisky.

The new release continues the sherry cask influence that defined its two predecessors, characterised by its rich oily texture and a complex aroma profile. 

“The collaboration with Barrel & Batch has been exceptional, allowing us to share this unique expression with a wider audience,” said Highland Park’s Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion.

“This release complements our core range by adding a distinctive depth and character that whisky lovers will truly appreciate.”

More information can be found here.

Mandatory Twisted vodka-based RTD

Mandatory Spirit Co has today launched Mandatory Twisted, the world’s first non-carbonated RTD packaged in the eco-friendly resealable carton format.

The  new vodka-based RTD offering comes in two flavours, Dark Fruits & Vodka and Passionfruit Vodka Punch. Both feature an abv of 4% and are entirely sugar, gluten, and preservative free, positioning Twisted as a strong contender in the health-conscious RTD sector. 

The fully recyclable Tetrapak design is also a pioneer in the eco friendly space and has been measured as being 6.5 times more eco-friendly than traditional packaging materials such as plastic, glass, and aluminium. On top of this, 70% of the materials used for the cartons are repurposed from renewable sources.

“This innovation not only redefines convenience but also emphasises our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption,” said Mark Collins, Co-Founder of Mandatory Spirit Co.

“With this world-first initiative, we aspire to inspire a new era of conscious drinking, where every sip reflects our dedication to both taste and the planet.”

Mandatory Twisted is available now from First Choice Liquor stores for $20 per 4-pack. It is also available for other Australian retailers. Interested parties should contact Matthew Hanks, Co-Founder, via his email Read more here.

Engkanto is now available in Aus

Three beers from Engkanto Brewery, the most awarded craft beer brand from the Philippines, are now being distributed into Australia by 7000 Islands Drinks. Included in the Australian range is the Purple Ube Lager, the Mano Nation Hazy IPA, and the High Five Honey Ale, all three of which champion local ingredients. 

All three of the Filipino brews received bronze medals at the recent Australian International Beer Awards

“We’re totally wrapped, to be expanding these ‘ridiculously tasty’ craft beers from the 7000 Islands of The Philippines. And craft beer aficionados agree, with an esteemed panel of 75 judges,” said Siegfrid Bacani, the Philippines-born Australian entrepreneur and former global drinks executive who launched 7000 Islands in November last year.
All three beers retail at $32 per 4-pack with abv’s ranging from 5.1% to 5.7%. For more information, visit For trade enquiries, contact

More details can be found in this Drinks Trade article.

Hard FIZZ Extra Strength Orange

Hard FIZZ has added an Orange flavour option to its Extra Strength seltzer range, a range that has been growing in popularity since being launched in September last year. The Orange flaovur variant will join Hard FIZZ’s existing 6% vodka soda flavours of Raspberry, Grape, Lemon Lime, and Cola.

According to Hard FIZZ’s CEO Wade Tiller, the Extra Strength range “has a real emphasis on taste, and orange has such an intense flavour naturally, so it just made sense… There’s a bit of nostalgia to it as well – most of us grew up with orange flavoured fruit juice.

Hard FIZZ Extra Strength Orange is being rolled out throughout Australia at an RRP of $25 per 4-pack or $92 per case of 16. It is also available as a part of the brand’s Mixed 10 Pack option. 

More info here.

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