Australia’s Top Performing Categories

June 1, 2016
By Alana House
The latest figures from IRI (to 01/05/16) shows the top performing – and underperforming – categories in the Australian off-premise right now.

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Leading the market is beer, in particular Full-Strength beer, which currently represents 32.7 per cent of the total liquor sold in the off-premise. Shortly behind beer in terms of value is wine, accounting for $4,171,977 of the total industry’s dollars, which is being driven by Red Bottled wine. Spirits and cider continue to grow, up 4.4 per cent and 8.3 per cent in value respectively. In terms of volume, spirits grew by 2.4 per cent and cider by 8.9 per cent.

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Unlike its counterparts, the RTD category is underperforming, both in terms of value and volume. In the last year, the category has hardly moved from its value positioning, in fact it is down by -0.1 per cent, while in volume, the category has declined by 2.6 per cent. If we break that down further, we see that total RTD Dark Spirits has declined in volume by -2.6 per cent, RTD Light Spirits by the same margin and Shots and Chilled Minis by -15.4 per cent. Both RTD Light Spirits as well as Shots and Chilled Minis are also in decline in terms of value, -1.5 per cent and -20.8 per cent respectively, while RTD Dark Spirits has risen by 0.3 per cent, suggesting suppliers are charging a higher margin on their products.

Across the country, NSW is the best performing state in both value and volume, representing 27.4 per cent of the total volume sold in the off-premise channel. Shortly behind NSW is QLD, representing 24.6 per cent and VIC, representing 22.3 per cent. QLD has shifted the needle by -0.2 per cent from last year however. There has been no movement in terms of value or volume in SA and NT, and TAS only saw a lift of 0.1 per cent. Value and volume is in decline in WA, but only marginally, by -0.3 per cent.

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