ice bucket filled with G&T non-alc


The release of the new Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Non-Alcoholic Signature G&T is perfect timing for Dry July. Available in 300mL cans, it’s a new version of the Twenty Third Street Distillery gin and tonic, just without the alcohol and sugar. The new non-alcoholic G&T delivers the same master-distilled botanicals and Riverland citrus flavours combined with … Continued

July 4, 2022

Naked Life goes large

Naked Life’s award-winning, non-alcoholic cocktails range has sold 2.5 million cans in the past 7 months and now the category leader is launching a premium range of non-alcoholic spirits in 700ml bottle varieties. The range of seven spirits, including a London Dry, Italian Aperitivo, Veneto Spritz, Tennessee Malt, Scottish Malt, Caribbean Blanco and Caribbean Spiced … Continued

June 20, 2022

Manly Spirits releases first non-alc spirit

Manly Spirits Co Distillery has released its first non-alcoholic ‘spirit’, called Lilly Pilly Pink 0.0%, an alternative to their award-winning Lilly Pilly Pink Gin, without the alcohol, without the sugar, with all the flavour. They say that this bold and refreshing 0.0% spirit sets a new standard in taste for the non- alcoholic space, following … Continued

June 17, 2022