Brand and Retailer Insights with Shopper Tracker Australia

September 24, 2015
By Alana House

Business owners to The Drinks Industry Show on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November will have the opportunity to sit in on a free seminar hosted by Shopper Tracker Australia at Luna Park in Sydney.

Day two of the event, Managing Director, Shopper Tracker Australia, Simon Ford will provide visitors with a valuable session on market research for the liquor industry.

Shopper Tracker Australia provides research solutions for integral shopper behavioural insights, providing comparisons and industry benchmarks that enable businesses to strategise, manage and market to consumers more successfully.

The free session will discuss how to drive growth and margin in liquor, based on a better understanding and application of shopper needs; how to maximise ROI and drive joint value creation for both the retailer and supplier via investment framework by segment and retail banner; and what brand and retailer insights can be learned outside Australia and the potential opportunities for the industry.

“As the world evolves, with shoppers and retailers having greater choice and power, the liquor industry has to evolve with it. Focusing solely on brand and consumer was good for the 90s but is losing traction in 2015″, Mr. Ford said highlighting the value of the Shopper Tracker framework.

“Having shopper (as well as consumer) needs at the heart of brand planning, integrated with retailer priorities, maximises growth and traction at shelf/bar/webpage. Shopper Tracker is your toolkit for this, come and see the broader picture.”

Shopper Tracker has over 68 existing clients, including the drinks association, Asahi Premium Beverages, Brown Brothers, Metcash, Pernod Ricard, Campari, Brown-Forman and Suntory to name but a few.

The free seminar starts at 12:30pm on Tuesday 17 November and will be a worthwhile session for industry owners who are keen to grow their business.

The full series of show highlights can be accessed via The Drinks Industry Show website. To register your free attendance at The Drinks Industry Show, or for exhibitor information visit or call 02 9556 7985.

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