World’s first ready to drink Scotch and tonic…in a can

November 5, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Australian-owned Scotch Whisky, Pure Scot, has launched into the ready to drink category with a bang by announcing two daringly different high strength, all natural, premium canned cocktails.

Pure Scot Signature & Tonic is the world’s first ready to drink Scotch and tonic, a revolutionary pairing that says “don’t be told” to anyone who claims there’s only one way to drink Scotch.

“Pure Scot has been growing in Australia with many of our top bars now reaching for our Whisky to create cocktails that take advantage of Pure Scot’s flavour profile. With the shift towards more at home consumption, we decided to bring some of our favourite recipes to consumers in a ready to drink format. Pure Scot and Tonic is the world’s first Scotch and Tonic ready to drink cocktail, for a light and refreshing long drink that we know will bring Scotch to a whole new group of drinkers,” said Will Pitchforth, Head of Commercial.

Refreshing citrus shines through in the all-natural tonic, while a generous serve of Pure Scot heroes the distinctive honeyed flavour of its Scotch Whisky. Pure Scot and Tonic is a unique new flavour combination that was discovered while the team was mixing Pure Scot with friends over the warm Australian summer. The Pure Scot and Tonic is ready to shake up the way Scotch is mixed, proving Whisky can be even more refreshing than a classic G&T.

Perfectly complementing its rebellious flavour combination, the Pure Scot Virgin Oak & Smoked Cola is a sultry take on a classic Scotch pairing. Hints of campfire smoke in Pure Scot’s all-natural cola is mixed with a punchy shot of Pure Scot Virgin Oak, a spicy and complex blended Scotch Whisky; an instantly elevated classic.

Pure Scot’s RTDs were designed by the Australian-based team with the help of some of the country’s best bartenders and are mixed at 8% abv to ensure the amazing taste of Pure Scot Whisky is the hero of the drink. Paired with bold flavours that highlight the surprising ways to drink Scotch, Pure Scot’s canned cocktails are set to make a splash around the country.

Available to purchase in slimline 250ml cans from 26 October on Pure Scot’s website and distributed by Iconic Beverages and The Beverage Company in Australia, Pure Scot cocktails are available individually (RRP $8.99), in a 4-pack (RRP $28.99) or carton of 24 (RRP $169.99).

Pure Scot is our Australian-owned blended Scotch Whisky that is contemporary and fresh. Launched in 2016 by Australian businessman and philanthropist, David Prior, Pure Scot is now available in 40 countries worldwide. Our award-winning blend is made with passion and experience by Bladnoch Distillery.

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