Frucor Suntory’s new SAP platform boosts productivity and sales

August 24, 2023
By Rachel White

Frucor Suntory has updated its sales platforms to SAP’s centralised Business Technology Platform (BTP) to increase organisational productivity and drive sales revenue.

The drinks giant went live with the platform late last year, replacing the previous on-premise system that failed to centralise sales data from Frucor Suntory’s 200+ field representatives and could not scale to meet the growing complexities of the business.

The company reports a 13 per cent increase in staff productivity and a 3 per cent increase in sales revenue since implementing the system under a year ago.

Barbara Ciancio, Head of Digital IT Solutions at Frucor Suntory, said as an organisation, Frucor Suntory is always looking to simplify its digital processes and technology, especially in the light of advancements in technology since the introduction of its ageing systems and processes.

“We knew that we needed to create a superior customer experience but also streamline and update the sales process in the backend. We needed to continue to remove inefficiencies in how we operate and create a more intuitive application to support our customers,” she said.

Following a successful transition to SAP S/4HANA, Frucor Suntory worked with SAP AppHaus Network partner Bourne Digital, part of Accenture, to implement a new iOS-based field sales tool called ‘My Sales Hub’ (MySH) on SAP BTP.

Designed and built over two years, MySH combines four sales tools into one mobile application, which has standardised the sales process, improved analytics and reporting, and provided staff with real-time access to customer insights through integration with other applications.

“Bourne Digital’s highly specialised skillset in SAP BTP allowed us to develop a flexible platform that has freed up our sales teams from time-consuming administration and enabled staff to have more meaningful conversations. Additionally, smart selling capabilities that can be accessed in real-time have enabled staff to grow their sales by driving an increase in the number of incremental cases sold,” said Ciancio.

Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director of SAP Australia and New Zealand, said the partnership with Frucor Suntory and SAP AppHaus Network partner Bourne Digital demonstrated the power that next-generation technology has to drive productivity and sales.

“By implementing SAP BTP, Frucor Suntory’s staff now have access to a simpler and faster platform that’s enabling them to improve the buying experience of their customers. With information now available at their fingertips, staff employees can have more informed discussions with their customers, respond quicker and make recommendations based on their preferences and purchase history,” he said.

Following the successful adoption of the new platform, Frucor Suntory continues to seek new ways to streamline its digital operations, including a refreshed e-commerce experience and updated CRM platform.

SAP will also be implemented at the company’s new +$400M manufacturing facility located in Swanbank, Queensland, which will use state-of-the-art technology and automation when it opens in mid-2024.

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