Why Vic pubs may not reopen next week

May 28, 2020
By Alana House

Victorian pubs may be forced to keep their doors closed next week despite restriction easing in the state, due to delays in rolling out COVID-19 training to hospitality staff.

Pubs are allowed reopen to up to 20 diners in Victoria on June 1, however, that’s the same day the Victorian government’s online COVID-19 training will become available.

For a Victorian pub to reopen, at least one staffer is required to complete the online training.

Australian Hotels Association Victorian chief executive Paddy O’Sullivan told the Herald Sun staff should be given earlier access to the training.

The rules around Australia

Restrictions around Australia vary widely. Here’s a quick rundown.

The Brunswick Hotel
The Brunswick Hotel, Hobart

Victoria: Victorian pubs can reopen on June 1, customers will have to order a meal with their drinks. Diners will be required to sit and public bar areas will remain closed.

Northern Territory: Pubs reopened on May 15, with patrons allowed to order drinks with a meal and stay at bars for two hours at a time. From June 5, the two-hour limit will be lifted, allowing night clubs to reopen and alcohol to be purchased from public bar areas.

Western Australia: Up to 20 people are allowed to drink at pubs, provided they also order a meal.

NSW: Pubs are currently allowed to seat 10 people and they can order a drink with their meals. But from June 1, pubs will be able to seat up to 50 people.

Queensland: Urban pubs can seat up to 10 diners while rural pubs can take 20. From June 12, this will increase to 20 in the city and 50 in the outback. Customers must also order a meal with their drinks.

South Australia: Pubs may have 10 indoor patrons and 10 customers outdoors at a time and only serve alcohol with meals. From June 1, SA pubs will be allowed to serve alcohol without food, but only to seated patrons. Venues will also be allowed up to 80 diners, as long as they are in groups of 20 in separate rooms or areas and each person is allowed four square metres.

Tasmania: Pubs allow up to 10 diners per dining room, provided there is one person per four square metres and everyone orders a meal. From June 15, the limit will be increased to 20.

ACT: Pubs can have 10 diners provided they order food with their drinks. From May 30, up to 20 people will be permitted to dine, provided there is four square metres per person.

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