Endeavour Group reinforces inclusive workplace message in latest recruitment campaign

April 16, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Endeavour Group is currently distributing its ‘We are together creators’ ad campaign in an effort to attract a diverse workforce into available positions. 

The campaign, centred around a two minute video, focuses on the inclusive working environment that every Endeavour Group brand strives to create. 

“At Endeavour, we’re all about bringing people together,” begins the video.

“From Barbies to birthdays, from first dates to last call, we’re here for the big days and we’re here for the everyday. We welcome everyone – quiet achievers to the boldest dreamers – to come as they are and feel the energy.”

Endeavour Group currently has 55 job openings listed across its brands on its Job Results webpage. It is worth noting that this webpage does not display a complete listing of available positions and at the moment only features Full-time and Fixed term full-time professional opportunities. A more complete listing of available job openings can be found via the following Endeavour Group website link

The new video campaign also stresses the diverse array of roles available through the different sectors of Endeavour Group.

“We pour pints, we recommend rosés; we spark conversation in the aisles; we make wine labels for Christmas tables; we’re front of house and we keep it humming out back; we build new tech; we try new things; [and] we fry schnittys that make the sports team at Table 5 smile,” said the campaign video. 

Endeavour Group is currently hiring across both Australia and New Zealand for roles in sectors such as alcohol off-premise, kitchen work, venue leadership, business support team assistance and digital data and technology. 

“We like inspiring change and seeking out opportunity: you got a passion? We’ve got the place. We walk the talk on uniqueness and diversity; so go on: dream big here, create what you want [and] work how you want with a bunch of talented people who have a go and make their mark.”

The campaign finishes by reaffirming Endeavour Group’s goal of creating a united and harmonious workplace environment.

“We create, we innovate, we lift the bar, we make moments happen. It’s what drives us – every one of us, every day. 

“We’re team players, story shapers, opportunity takers, and moment makers. We are together creators.”

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