On and Off Premise – Endeavour Group

January 18, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Endeavour Group’s CEO Steve Donohue reflects on a productive 2023.

“Right across Australia, we have continued to live our purpose of creating a more sociable future together. We have continued to bring people together. 

Across our hotels, stores and exceptional range of products, we have continued to create great experiences and memorable moments for our customers in more than 2000 communities across Australia.

This year, our hotels have been filled with people enjoying the best value social occasions. Australians are inherently social people and our brands, across retail, hotels and wine are at the heart of those moments.

At Dan Murphy’s, we continue to deliver our famous lowest liquor price guarantee while helping customers on their drinks discovery journey. We continue to report leading customer metrics that demonstrate this, with 5.2 million active MyDan’s members, a 79% scan rate for MyDan’s, with MyDan’s members’ basket size on average double the size of non-members

We have added 2,200 new products to our range in the last year alone and smaller producers now make up more than 90% of our total suppliers. We’ve made a concerted effort to ensure it’s easier for suppliers to join us with onboarding now 87% quicker than this time last year.

At BWS, we help our customers find a great drop and enjoy drinks their way. We’ve also started rolling out our new BWS 4.0 stores, which are focused on making the customer experience even more convenient and enjoyable including a new mobile point-of-sale system meaning our team can serve you from anywhere in the store.

We know our actions leave a lasting imprint and we have continued listening to the issues that matter most to our people, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Marking two years as a standalone business, we better understand the areas we can make a real, sustainable difference and we are committed to strengthening our culture of responsibility and compliance. We are working continuously to meet our regulatory obligations by investing in and training our people, working with regulatory authorities in all jurisdictions and industry partners on harm minimisation and moderation.

We are always finding new ways to innovate and embrace technology to better meet customers’ needs. We embrace new ways of working to drive efficiencies in our business and give us a competitive edge through our endeavourGO optimisation program – ensuring our team can spend more time serving customers and less time completing administrative tasks.”

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