Bunyadi, drink nude

Sydney bar to allow patrons to drink nude

October 14, 2019
By Alana House

Sydney’s Stitch Bar is holding a one-off event later this month where its patrons can drink nude for the night.

“Bottoms Up Sydney” is being hosted in conjunction with The Young Nudists of Australia (YNA).

YNA was inspired by similar concepts around the world, such London’s Coach & Horses becoming the first pub in the city to be granted a nudist licence in May.

The Coach & Horses idea was sparked when the pub launched a nude charity calendar, The Beauty and the Beasts of Soho, featuring the pub’s regulars naked in an effort to raise money for a homelessness charity.

Coach & Horses, drink nude

In 2016, London also hosted its first nude restaurant, the Bunyadi (pictured main), which attracted 46,000 people to its waiting list for a three-month pop-up run over the summer.

“We’ve seen it happen in France and in the UK and across America and even in Melbourne, so we thought, ‘Why not Sydney?’” Matt from YNA told news.com.au

“We would love a crowd of young people. They’ll get to experience something different and who knows, they may like it and then decide to try a nude beach or something similar in the future.”

People who buy a ticket will be advised to wear footwear and to bring a towel with them to sit on. They’ll then head downstairs and into a change room where they can undress before heading to the bar to drinks nude.

Tickets are $30 per person, which includes a bottle/can of craft beer, house wine, or soft drink to help attendees unwind. Guests will be provided on entry with a lanyard and plastic pocket to store cash and cards.

While patrons can drink nude, the event is strictly non-sexual.

“We’re all human beings so everyone looks but don’t stare,” Matt said. “Basically, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do if you had your gear on.”

Anybody found to be behaving inappropriately will be removed from the room, required to dress and ejected from the venue with no possibility of refund.

All staff members working on the day will remain clothed for operational, health, safety and hygiene reasons.

Stitch Bar drink nude

Karl Schlothauer CEO of House of Pocket, said Stitch was always looking for ways to be involved in new experiences and loved to push the boundaries.

“Who knows if this is well received you could end up seeing this rolled out across a few of our venues,” he added.

Bottoms Up Sydney (18+) will be held between 3-8pm on Sunday, October 27 at Stitch Bar on York St in the CBD.

Tickets cost $30 and are available here.

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