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Staple Drinks launches Vodka Soda Lime

August 20, 2020
By Alana House

New beverage company Staple Drinks is launching an all-natural Vodka Soda Lime RTD in September.

Vodka Soda Lime contains only 89 calories per can, 4.2% ABV and low sugar (1g – derived from fruit).

The industry newcomer has sourced Tahitian limes and uses the whole lime, including the skin, to concentrate the lime flavour and ensure waste is kept to a minimum. 

Staple Drinks

Staple Drinks is a Sydney-based beverage company crafted by three long time mates: Matt Poole, George Tyler and David Snow. The trio decided to develop their own range of tasty, healthy alternative premix alcohol options.

“We wanted to create something with unreal taste,” Poole said. “A lot of products in the market want to claim the lowest calories with taste being an afterthought. But we wanted our product to tick the health boxes and actually be enjoyable. It’s something we genuinely love the taste of.”

“NPD took us a while to nail, but we didn’t want to skimp on quality and we are now incredibly stoked with the final product.” added Snow. “We wouldn’t release a drink that we didn’t believe in.”

Tyler concluded: “This drink is made to be served cold while having a solid yarn with mates.”

Vodka Soda Lime will soon be available at selected retailers around Australia. A Gin Soda Cucumber variant will be released by Staple Drinks in October.

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