Entries for 10th annual Australian Distilled Spirits Awards are now open

April 17, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Melbourne Royal is now receiving samples for the 10th edition of its Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA) competition. Submissions will remain open up until Friday 7 June followed by judging from 22-25 July. Following this, the winners will be crowned on 1 August. 

“The Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards proudly acknowledge, celebrate and inspire innovation in Australian distilling,” said Brad Jenkins, CEO at Melbourne Royal.

“Judged by highly respected judges, the Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards provide a unique and valuable opportunity for Australian distillers to have their spirits benchmarked against their peers to improve quality and inspire innovation.”

First established in 2015, the ADSA is the first and largest national awards program that recognises excellence in both distilled spirits and liqueurs. The 2024 event continues on from last year’s record-breaking turnout which saw 970 samples entered by 246 exhibitors. This year, producers are invited to submit samples across categories as diverse as distilled spirits, liqueurs, aromatics, vermouths, and, for the first time, RTD.

New and updated classes for the ADSA 2024 include: 

  • Ready to Serve Cocktail,
  • Ready to Serve Pre-Mix,
  • Barrel-Aged Vodka,
  • Cello Liqueur, 
  • Nut Liqueur, and
  • The division of New World/Contemporary Gin into three classes.

Previously a homogenous category, the New World/Contemporary Gin category has been replaced by the Australian Contemporary/Dry Gin, Citrus Gin, and Contemporary Gin classes for 2024.

“In response to industry feedback, Melbourne Royal has introduced some changes to the Awards in 2024 to better reflect industry needs, wants and expectations along with consumer interests,” said Jenkins.

“One of the most exciting changes is the introduction of two new classes: Ready to Serve Cocktail and Ready to Serve Pre-Mix.”

On top of the chance to earn trophy recognition, the ADSA presents an invaluable opportunity to access critique and product overview from a leading industry panel, the likes of which typically holds a value that far exceeds the $170 per-sample entrance fee. 

“Medal and trophy winners can leverage their success and market medal-winning products using the Melbourne Royal seal of excellence,” said Jenkins.

More information, including access to the ADSA 2024 Entry Booklet, can be viewed on the event webpage.

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