23rd Street unveils all new Australian whisky range 

April 3, 2024
By Cody Profaca

23rd Street Distillery has recently unveiled its all new Australian whisky range, a collection that it hopes will help further assert the brand’s presence in the global whisky market. The release, which features both a premium Australian whisky and two different whisky & cola RTDs, has reportedly been four years in the making and follows on from the distillery’s recent successes such as being awarded Australian Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition 2023.  

“23rd Street has a history of winning internationally, and we want to showcase the bold spirit of Australia through these products,” said Sarah Camerlengo, Brand Manager at 23rd Street. 

“This new whisky range is made by Australians for Australians, and it is designed to be enjoyed any way you like: in a glass on ice, in a fancy cocktail or with a can in hand enjoying good food and good company.”

The latest 23rd Street whisky has been made using a blend of premium Australian barley malts selected to impart a diverse mix of fruit, spice and caramel notes. After fermentation, the whisky wash undergoes distillation in two historic copper pot stills prior to being matured in charred ex-Bourbon American oak and a small number of richly seasoned Tawny barrels. The 23rd Street Australian Whisky is matured on-site for a minimum of two years. 

“After discovering that 95% of whisky available is imported, we knew our job was to challenge this and prove that we have everything we need right here on our doorstep,” said Camerlengo.

“We invested a significant amount of time in the early stages of creating our new Australian Whisky range ensuring we could answer some very important questions: what do Australians want in whisky and is there opportunity to insert our brand into the fiercely competitive imported whisky category.”

“We set out to create a Whisky that’s designed to be savoured and enjoyed in the same climate as it’s matured in, and this is exactly what we’ve achieved with these new products.”

The final result, which follows on from previous releases such as its Batch No. 1 Australian Single Malt Whisky and its Australian Single Malt Whisky, reveals aromas of citrus, orange blossom, and caramelised fruit before a palate of sweet oils, biscuity malt, dark chocolate and toffee. 

According to Paul Burnett, Head Distiller at 23rd Street, the warm dry summers and mild winters of its Riverland region are ideal for whisky maturation. 

“The Riverland is the perfect climate for the maturation of our Australian Single Malt Whisky, creating intensity and unique flavour, especially when compared to whisky maturing in cooler climates,” he said.

Also forming part of the new range is the Australian Whisky & Cola 5% and the Australian Whisky & Cola 8%, which blends the 23rd Street Australian Whisky with classically refreshing cola in a 375ml can format. 

The 23rd Street Australian Whisky is currently available at an RRP of $80 per 700ml. The Whisky & Cola RTDs are also available now at $27 per 4-pack for the 5% and $33 per 4-pack for the 8%

The Australian whisky range adds to the brand’s already extensive portfolio of premium Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Brandy, Ouzo, Rum, RTD and Non-Alcoholic premixes. 

For more information visit 23rdstreetdistillery.com.au

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