Scapegrace black gin

NZ distillery releases world’s first naturally black gin

September 25, 2019
By Alana House

The world’s first naturally black gin – Scapegrace Black – sold out on Monday after just 24 hours on the market.

The gin pours black, then “bleeds pink” when paired with tonic.

It’s the creation of New Zealand duo Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin, with their initial three-month supply lasted a single day on shelf.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Neal said: “We always knew Scapegrace Black was something incredibly special, but to sell out within a day was beyond our wildest expectations.”

Scapegrace Black obtains its unique colouring from a blend of natural fruit and vegetable extracts, including the black aronia berry, also known as a chokeberry.

When tonic is added, the spirit changes to a pinkish purple hue. Scapegrace suggests serving it with tonic and two slices of Granny Smith to garnish.

Scapegrace black gin

The distillery promises a new batch will be ready soon: “The response has been truly overwhelming, so we’re pretty chuffed. Never fear, we’re working hard to get new batches out there asap! Stand by.”

In 2018 the brand’s hugely popular Scapegrace Gold took out the award for the world’s best London Dry Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

In Australia, Husk Distillers have enjoyed huge success with their colour-changing Ink Gin, featuring butterfly pea flower.

According to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, last year flavoured gin volume sales increased by an amazing 78.3% globally, outperforming the wider gin sector, which was up by 8.3%. 

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