Sydney Royal’s Wine Show and inaugural Distilled Spirits Show are both open to entries now

April 23, 2024
By Cody Profaca

As of today, both the Sydney Royal Wine Show and the inaugural Sydney Royal Distilled Spirits Show are accepting entries for 2024. The two shows, both organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), will follow diverging timelines and stand as independent fixtures of Sydney Royal’s extensive show calendar.

The Sydney Royal Wine and Distilled Spirits shows join Beer & Cider as the only three liquor industry shows for 2024. Entries for Beer & Cider will be opened in early May. 

The Sydney Royal Distilled Spirits Show marks a major milestone for the RAS, which hasn’t hosted a distilled spirits show since 1981. Its 2024 re-entry is being led by Chair of Judges Stuart Gregor and will feature classes such as Brandy, Cane Spirit, Gin, Liqueur, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Alternative Distilled Spirits, Non-Alcoholic, and a standalone Ready to Drink (RTD) category. 

“I am thrilled to Chair the inaugural Sydney Royal Distilled Spirits Show,” said Stuart Gregor, who emphasised the show’s robust nature and impressive judging panel. 

“The decision to create a standalone competition underscores the remarkable growth and maturity of the spirits industry in Australia.”

The new Sydney Royal Distilled Spirits Show will include vermouth and brandy, two categories that were previously incorporated into Wine. This alteration has facilitated the removal of class limits on wine entries in the Sydney Royal Wine Show, allowing wineries to expand their entries, thus creating a stronger competition. 

“Changes to the schedule for 2024 include the removal of brandy and vermouth to the more appropriate Sydney Royal Distilled Spirits Show and the removal of entry limits per class, per Exhibitor,” said Chair of Judges Sarah Crowe in her Message from Chair of Judges statement as published in the event’s schedule handbook.

“This was instigated many years ago when the show could not accommodate the growing number of entries and reached an entry cap. In recognition of the vastly different economic climate and shape of our Exhibitors’ businesses, this has now been removed.”

2024 marks Sarah Crowe’s final year as lead of the competition as her three-year term reaches its end.

“It is surprising that all too soon I am writing my third and final Chair of Judges welcome letter for the Sydney Royal Wine Show,” she said.

“No one would argue with me when I say that it has been a very tough three years for our industry and I find it uplifting to be an integral part of a strong and historical capital city wine show.”

Crowe outlines the growing need for demonstrable accolades to flourish in a currently difficult trading environment. 

“Our intention is to benchmark the entries, provide meaningful feedback should it be sought, and ultimately find our most favourite wines of the week in the trophies awarded… the harder this is, the happier I am since it shows the strength and expertise in our large and diverse viticultural regions across our large, wide landscape,” she said. 

“2024 vintage has at least delivered high quality grapes and decent yields. Now to find the long-term partners and consumers who enjoy the commitment this industry puts into producing world class wines. 

“It’s nice to know that the Sydney Royal Wine Show can be a big part of helping to tell that story for some exhibitors.”

More information and entry requirements can be revised at the RAS Sydney Royal Wine Show webpage and at the RAS Sydney Royal Distilled Spirits webpage.

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