New Purchase Display for Asahi Products in the On- and Off-Premise

February 16, 2015
By Alana House
Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) has produced a new point of purchase display for Asahi Premium Beverages’ brands – Asahi, Cruiser, Somersby and Woodstock.

The universal floor trolley can shelve all average sized carton formats, while the design of the shelving and featured POS is interchangeable to feature a number of different designs and brands.

The display is slimline and displays can be placed individually, back-to-back or side-by-side, designed to suit a drive-thru, in-store or on-premise.

So far the unit has been entered into 250 independent stores nationally, which have been received positively by retailers and sales representatives.

Contact Matt Arnott from Asahi Premium Beverages for more information

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