Mezcal’s moment

May 26, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Mezcal is having a big moment. It’s the fastest growing spirit category around the globe and no longer just the smoky cousin of tequila.

Research from IWSR shows agave spirit sales are set to grow 4.2 per cent annually in the five years through to 2024 across 19 key markets, with premium sales expected to rise 8.8 per cent, hitting nearly $AUD12.5 billion in value.

Australia is well-positioned for the agave boom, as annual growth across Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, Thailand and Australia), is collectively projected at 8 per cent.

Locally, Top Shelf International’s agave plants at Eden Lassie in far north Queensland are approaching maturity and the company say that they will be able to produce 2.4 million litres at an ABV of 43 per cent to the value of $200 million.

So, it is timely to improve our knowledge of Mezcal and thanks to Milpa Collective’s Potts Point-based outpost Casa Merida, we can. They are bringing Oaxaca-based mezcal expert, Lucas Fongarnand to Sydney where he will run masterclasses and share the experience of mezcal production and its sensory journey to the heart of Mexico.

Milpa Collective Co-Founder Liber Osorio said, “We met with Lucas in 2017 in Oaxaca when he was managing Mezcalogia, one of the first bars dedicated to Mezcal in Oaxaca. We have been in contact since then and I visit him every time I go to Mexico.” 

“Lucas is one of the guys behind BALTA, Milpa exclusive mezcal made by Rodrigo Martinez. We have been planning his visit to Australia for a long time.”

Materclasses with Lucas Fongarnand will run throughout June and July.

Wednesday, 15 June: Introduction to mezcals

Wednesday, 22 June: Tequila Masterclass – More than Shots with special guest Kass Hill (Vanguard luxury Brands)

Wednesday, 6 July: Margarita Perfection

Wednesday, 13 July: Born to be Wild – Wild and rare mezcals

Tickets are $65 per person.

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