Little Creatures San Francisco

Little Creatures touches down in San Francisco

July 31, 2019
By Alana House

Little Creatures has officially opened its first location in California’s craft beer capital, San Francisco.

The venue features the best of the best from Little Creatures beers with a microbrewery, a full bar and a restaurant right by the waterfront. 

Adjacent to the city’s home baseball team Giant’s Oracle Park, and what will soon be the Golden State Warrior’s new home, the Chase Centre, it’s hoped the new Little Creatures at One Mission Bay will become a staple stop during major sports events.

Little Creatures San Francisco

With craft beer being the focal point of the venue, the brewery will feature 36 taps with beers brewed exclusively on-site by Head Brewer Dennis Stewart as well as a core range of beers imported from Australia.

Favourites at the Mission Bay location will include: Pale Ale, Session Ale, Original Pils, XPA, Rogers and Bright Ale.

The venue’s menu will incorporate flavours from Executive Chef Ian De Leoz’s experiences foodie travels around the world, combined with pub classics.

Key dishes will include Turkish bread with dukkah, crispy cauliflower with Little Creatures Pilsner batter, classic pizzas and a local San Francisco favourite – fried chicken sandwiches.

Little Creatures’ global empire expands

Lion MD, Global Markets, Matt Tapper said: “Following hot on the heels of our Little Creatures Regents Canal venue opening in London (pictured below), it’s fair to say there is a lot happening for Little Creatures overseas!

“There are 36 taps with beers brewed exclusively on-site, as well as acore range of beers imported from Australia. We’re also looking into doing some collaborations with some of the Bay Area’s great craft breweries.

“San Francisco has an array of great craft brewers and passionate beer consumers so it’s the perfect launch pad for introducing Little Creatures to the US.”

Little Creatures in the heart of London’s King’s Cross creative district showcases a selection of Little Creatures’ highly acclaimed craft beers, as well as running special collaborations with London-based breweries such as Fourpure Brewing Co.

The Lion-owned brand also has venues in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei and Auckland.

San Francisco photos by Grace Sager

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