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Breaking Bad stars launch their own liquor brand

July 10, 2019
By Alana House

Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have announced the launch of their new artisanal mezcal brand Dos Hombres.

The Emmy-winning co-stars have been teasing fans about a reunion over the last several weeks, but it turned out it wasn’t the Breaking Bad sequel movie many fans were hoping to see.

The pair wrote on Instagram: “Three years ago we sat in a sushi bar in New York. Talking about life and what we could possibly do down the road together. We had the time of our lives while shooting Breaking Bad and truly built a very special bond. Knowing that we couldn’t share the screen for quite a while – our thoughts turned to a new project. We sipped cocktails and thought about what it should be. The younger one looked at his drink and said, you know what we should do? We should do a really special Mezcal. The older one said, you mean the liquor with a worm at the bottom? Nah, that was just some bullshit gimmick, I mean real, artesanal Mezcal made by hand in Mexico. After that dinner we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads. So, we started traveling to Oaxaca to see if we could find it, and we mean it had to be “it,” something so damn good even people who don’t think they like Mezcal will love it. It had to be perfect or we weren’t going to do it. We searched high and low all over Oaxaca, met incredible people along the way and after a beautiful yet grueling search throughout that majestic landscape we believed we may have found our place. Our Mezcal. It was on a dirt-road, in a tiny village, hours away from the center of town, we found it and it was perfect. Holy shit it was perfect. We looked at each other and just simply nodded. This is it. We named it Dos Hombres – two guys on a quest. It’s been a long and crazy journey and we couldn’t be happier to share this with you and the rest of the world. We are crazy about the taste, the aroma, and the versatility of this smokey, age-old alcohol. Try it, and let us know what you think. We are certain you will love it. Well, that’s our story. What’s yours? Go to to get a bottle of your own. Follow us at @Doshombres and @Mezcal to hear more about Mezcal and Dos Hombres.”

Breaking Bad

The Breaking Bad movie rumors began buzzing June 25 after Cranston and Paul both posted the same photo of two donkeys on their social media pages. The image of the mules had many thinking about “drug mules,” which could only mean something Breaking Bad-related was on the way.

The two continued to roll out photos teasing their mysterious collaboration.

Unfortunately, Breaking Bad fans were furious to learn they were getting mezcal rather than a movie.

“No way. I was hoping for a trailer of the breaking bad movie. I’m so pissed off :(“

“I thought it would at least remotely be related to Breaking Bad. DISAPPOINTED.”

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined”

“The biggest troll in the history of trolls. Maybe ever.”

“o that was it?! That’s what the hype was about? Nothing related to Breaking Bad?! DISAPPOINTED!”

However, the post has already had more than 250,000 likes on Instagram, so the lovers outnumber the haters!

Celebrities jump on Mexican spirits

Cranston and Paul are among the many celebs putting their names to Mexican spirits recently.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced in April that he has developed his own brand of tequila.

Tequila sales in the US continue to skyrocket. Last year, 17.2 million 9-liter cases of tequila were sold, an 8.5% increase from 2016, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

Celebrities including George Clooney, Diddy, and Justin Timberlake have already jumped on the tequila-making bandwagon.

Clooney added a mezcal to his Casamigos Tequila range last year.

Housed in matte grey bottles that are finished in a 190-degree oven, the ‘joven’ (young) expression is made from 100% Espadin agave from Santiago Matatlán in Oaxaca.

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