Australian Beer Co (ABCo) secures full ownership of Ampersand Projects

November 1, 2023
By Melissa Parker

ABCo, the independent liquor company based in Australia, is expanding its presence in the Spirits and RTD categories by acquiring full ownership of Ampersand Projects.

As the force behind beloved Australian beer, cider, seltzer, and RTD brands, ABCo is a subsidiary of the globally successful Casella Family Brands, recognized for its [yellow tail] wine. In this new phase of ABCo’s brand portfolio, the founders of Ampersand will maintain their roles and work alongside the ABCo team.

While the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, the move empowers the Ampersand Portfolio to tap into the full capabilities and resources of the ABCo business, providing the investment and a long-term approach needed to maximize the potential of their brands.

John Casella, Managing Director of Casella Family Brands, said, “This is an exciting acquisition for Australian Beer Company as we continue to build our offering in the spirits and RTD categories. I look forward to the founders joining our business to continue the great success they have enjoyed to date.”

Founded in 2018 by Marcus Kellett, Shaun Rankins, and Alex Bottomley, Ampersand Projects has been a trailblazer in the RTD and spirits industry, notably known for creating Vodka Soda. Their innovation-driven approach has set a standard and placed them at the forefront of the “better for you” segment. With exceptional sales performance, having sold over 15 million cans since inception, they have carved out a unique market position and surpassed industry norms.

Shaun Rankins, co-founder of Vodka Soda & Ampersand Projects, described the acquisition as more than just a business transaction, highlighting the alignment of values between the two independent companies. He emphasized that it represents a collaboration that combines the strengths of both businesses to continue innovating in the spirits industry.

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