An authentic Tequila perfect for home

June 20, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Rey Loco, uses 100 per cent real Tequila to make its pre-mixed cocktails and has launched two new products to meet the growing consumer demand in Australia for the real stuff.

The range is comprised of two products, Tequila Lime & Soda and Tequila Bloody Orange & Soda. While many Tequila premix brands use an agave spirit, Rey Loco is unique in the fact that both drinks are made with 100 per cent real tequila and contain 99 calories.

Hard seltzers are projected to grow by 24 per cent in Australia and Tequila as a category is experiencing 34 per cent annual growth.

The Rey Loco Tequila Lime & Soda is a refreshing sparkling, and slightly sweet with an edge of citrus Tequila taste. While the Rey Loco Tequila Bloody Orange & Soda showcases another delicious citrus combination by blending Tequila with fragrant blood orange topped with effervescent soda. 

Rey Loco is born from the love of Mucho Libre Mexican wrestling and inspired by the fun of Latina style telenovela storytelling represented in the artwork on each can.

The perfect ready to drink beverage to have at home and enjoy with a group of friends while tucking into some delicious food, Rey Loco is an all year rounder for your fridge.

Rey Loco can be found in most leading retailers and is $25.99 for a pack of four. Distributed by Pinnacle Drinks.

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