Johnnie Walker World Whisky Day

World’s biggest virtual whisky tasting

May 12, 2020
By Alana House

Johnnie Walker is launching the world’s biggest virtual whisky tasting in celebration of World Whisky Day.

The interactive session will be held at 7pm this Saturday, May 16, hosted on Dan Murphy’s Facebook page via a live broadcast. Diageo is hoping Australian whisky fans will break the Guinness World Record on the night.

Katie Nagar and Krystal Hart, Diageo Brand Ambassadors

Katie Nagar and Krystal Hart, Diageo Brand Ambassadors (above), will host the virtual whisky tasting event, treating participants to a guided tasting of Johnnie Walker’s whiskies, including Green, Speyside Origin and Black, plus providing a deep dive into whisky and food pairings.

Melissa Maidment, Whisky Marketing Manager, Diageo Australia, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating World Whisky Day in such a big way for 2020, bringing together whisky fans from across Australia, and beyond, to pay homage to the biggest dark spirit in the whisky FSBS category and attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

“As the world’s number one Scotch Whisky celebrating its 200th year, Johnnie Walker is the ideal Scotch to showcase. We hope participants will learn more about the rich story behind Johnnie Walker and it’s distilling process, as well as an understanding of how versatile the liquid can be.”

James Duvnjak, Dark Spirits Category Manager at Dan Murphy’s, added: “There’s nothing better than a whisky on a Saturday night, but to be able to say you’ve also achieved a World Record – well that truly is a night well spent.

“We’re so excited to join forces with Johnnie Walker to make this happen, and hope record numbers will attend online.We chose to partner up to celebrate World Whisky Day, showcase our amazing whisky range and to give customers an at-home virtual discovery and tasting experience.”

The world’s largest virtual whisky tasting will take place on May 16, from 7-7:30pm, via Dan Murphy’s Facebook page. Participants must be over 18.

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