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WA lifts COVID-19 takeaway alcohol restrictions

April 20, 2020
By Alana House

Restrictions on the sale of takeaway alcohol have been lifted across Western Australia.

Alcohol restrictions were announced in the state last month to prevent panic buying during COVID-19. The daily limits introduced on March 25 included: three bottles of wine; one carton of beer, cider or premix spirits; one litre of spirits; and one litre of fortified wine. Customers were allowed purchase across two of those categories under the rules.

Retail Drinks Australia introduced a voluntary initiative by participating liquor retailers to introduce temporary national alcohol restrictions on March 30.

The limits per customer, per transaction, are: beer (two cases), cider (two cases), RTD (two cases), wine (12 bottles), cask wine (two casks, not to exceed 10 litres in total); bottle spirits (two bottles, not to exceed two litres in total).

However, WA stuck with its restrictions until today’s announcement.

Racing and Gaming Minister Paul Papalia said the decision to lift the purchase limit was due to the community’s good conduct.

“These measures were put in place to ensure those essential workers could focus on the state’s response to COVID-19 and the WA public has acted commendably during this period,” he noted.

“I would like to thank the Liquor Stores Association of WA, the Australian Hotels Association (WA) and the industry at large for their cooperation.

“We ask all Western Australians who consume alcohol to do so responsibly, while practising social distancing and following all public health advice.”

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AHA WA has said that the removal of the packaged takeaway alcohol restrictions was a common sense move for consumers.

CEO Bradley Woods said removing the COVID-19 restrictions brought WA back into line with all other states.

“The restrictions actually encouraged consumers to visit multiple outlets, contrary to the objectives of social distancing and also saw a proliferation of online alcohol ordering from interstate suppliers,” Woods said.

“We commend the State Government for removing the restrictions and also acknowledge WA consumers have behaved responsibly.”

“WA’s hotels and hospitality businesses have incurred immeasurable financial costs associated with COVID-19 so it is important that they do not face any unnecessary and counterproductive restrictions – the removal of one of those restrictions today will be warmly welcomed by local businesses.”

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