Dan Murphy’s new initiative is connecting regional stores to local charities

April 22, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Dan Murphy’s has successfully launched its inaugural Regional Heroes program, an initiative that seeks to provide support to local charities operating in regional areas. For 2024, the program will see 11 regional Dan Murphy’s donate $1000 each to a local charity of their choosing. 

“This is a true grassroots campaign where team members themselves have nominated charities of their choice to be worthy recipients of these donations,” siad Agi Pfeiffer-Smith, Managing Director of Dan Murphy’s.

“This has been a wonderful way for our team members who live and work in their local communities to connect even more with the people around them.”

Out of the 11 regional stores identified as best suited to the program, six are located in Queensland, three in Victoria, and one in both Western Australia and New South Wales. Examples of the local charities supported by the 11 regional Dan Murphy’s stores include Food Relief North Queensland, Young Animal Protection Society, Royal Flying Doctors and Disabled Surfers Association.

The Disabled Surfers Association was the charity chosen by Dan Murphy’s Warrnambool, Victoria.

“I am so proud to share that we have assisted our local disability surfing program,” said Sarah Huffer, Manager.

“This amazing program enables their members to participate and experience learning to surf while being fully supported by trained volunteers. 

“Our donation will assist to purchase another specialised wheelchair that can be used on the sand.”

The opportunity for each store to select their own charity has not only helped to foster stronger relationships between Dan Murphy’s stores and their local communities, but also internally within each store itself as well, both in terms of staff-staff and staff-customer relationships.

“We have a very diverse customer base, from our local customers to our remote property stations and communities that stock up at Dans before their journey back home… it was [through] our connection with these customers in-store, that we were made aware of Angel Flight,” Mark Hampton, Manager of Dan Murphy’s Dalrymple. 

“[Angel Flight] is a volunteer group of aviators to give up their time and resources flying to remote stations who are sometimes 6-8 hrs away from a township to fly them into Townsville for medical appointments/treatments.

“They also organise transport, by volunteer drivers, to and from the airport whilst in Townsville.

“Without these volunteers, some people would forgo their medical treatments due to the logistical challenge.”

The Regional Heroes program has also given regional Dan Murphy’s stores the potential to financially support local services, such as community support clubs and emergency response services.

“Team Sale is donating to our choice of local heroes being the Sale Fire brigade,” said Brett Schoenmaekers, Manager of Dan Murphy’s Sale.

“We as a team came to the decision for this organisation for the hard work they put into keeping our community safe not only through the fire season but all year round.”

Each recipient of the donation has been specifically recognised and selected by the Dan Murphy’s team members who value the contribution that the charities bring to their local communities. The inaugural Regional Heroes program is expected to feature again in future years.

“This is just another way we can support local groups doing wonderful things for people in their communities,” said Pfeiffer-Smith.

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