Underground Spirits launches Natalie Anne Caramel Vodka Espresso Martini

May 15, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Underground Spirits, a boutique distillery located in Canberra, has released a Caramel Vodka Espresso Martini made in collaboration with The Grounds Roastery and with the support of hair artist Natalie Anne. 

Each 700ml bottle serves up seven espresso martinis in a convenient format. 

“The Natalie Caramel Vodka Espresso Martini is crafted with only the finest ingredients, featuring The Grounds Roastery Coffee—a well-balanced blend of single-origin beans renowned for its rich aroma and flavour—paired with our award-winning Underground Spirits Caramel Vodka,” said Underground Spirits Australia CEO Claudia Roughley. 

“Our vodka is meticulously crafted with the finest caramel from Queensland, ensuring unsurpassed smoothness and indulgent caramel notes.”

Underground Spirits is hopeful that its partnership with Natalie Anne will help the brand expand into the fashion industry’s ‘tradition’ of having a cocktail while getting ready for an evening out. 

“By partnering with Natalie Anne, we are able to deliver a professional-quality cocktail to hair salon customers, at-home stylists, and anyone who seeks effortless elegance and enjoys a night out,” said Roughley.

Natalie Anne helped to launch the new product at the Natale Anne Glam Suites, hosted at The Eveleigh at The Grounds during the first three days of Sydney Fashion Week

The product is available for purchase now at an RRP of $59.

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