International Women’s Day tasting kits showcasing spirits from leading Australian female distillers

March 4, 2021
By Melissa Parker

Australian online alcohol subscription services, Whisky Loot and Gin Loot, have partnered with three unique female-led distilleries for March as part of their International Women’s Day celebrations.

Together, they have created a beautiful one-time only whisky and gin tasting pack designed to bring you the best from Australia’s leading female distillers. Each whisky and gin has been hand-picked by the distiller to showcase the best expression of the distiller and their distillery. 

Gin Loot will showcase Kangaroo Island Distillery, Sarah Lark’s O’Gin, in Melbourne, Brogan Carr’s Evening Light Gin from Brogan’s Way Distillery and Rose Kentish’s Lemon Flower Gin from Sparkke Distillery.

“It’s really important for female makers to be recognised for their abilities to make spirits. This pack allows the public to meet the talent behind these incredible gins – as newcomers to the spirit world, we’re delighted to be included with these powerhouse women on International Women’s Day – and any other day,” says Rose Kentish, Sparkke.

Brogan Carr (pictured to right) says it’s a great time for a woman to join the craft distilling industry, especially in Australia and teaming up with Gin Loot is a wonderful way to showcase the wonderful and creative work being done by other Australian female distillers.

The Whisky Loot pack showcases the creative distilling prowess of Suzy Brett (pictured below) from Spring Bay Distillery with her Sherry Cask Single Malt, Naomi Mcintosh (pictured to right) from Chief’s Son with the Cask Expression R2 Imperial Stout whisky and Starwood’s Carlie Dyer (pictured top) and her Fortis Single Malt Batch II.

“I am excited to be included in the Whisky Loot box and have selected a whisky that highlights the art and science of whisky-making. It’s like what all great women in distilling – what you see and what you get are more complex and profound than what one might expect,” says Naomi Mcintosh, Chief’s Son.

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