Speculation Over Wednesday’s Budget

The awaited release of the Federal Government’s May budget on Wednesday has sparked much discussion and speculation among the alcohol industry over the past week. The Australian National Retail Association (ANRA) says it is encouraged by recent reports, which suggest that the budget will begin to address the integrity of GST to goods and services … Continued

May 8, 2015

Australian Retail Association Announces Focus for Retail Nation 2015

The Australian National Retail Association (ANRA) has announced the focus for its Retail Nation event this year. Tickets for the annual event are on sale now. Retail Nation 2015 will focus on how data driven consumer insights and analytics are providing the retail sector with a greater capacity to understand customers and drive efficiencies for … Continued

May 5, 2015

Metcash Chairman to Retire

Peter Barnes, Chairman of Metcash Limited has announced that he will retire later in August. As a result, former CEO of Lion and Nestle Oceania, Robert Murray, has been appointed to Metcash’s Board of Directors as Non-Executive Director and will become Chairman once Mr. Barnes steps down later in the year. Mr. Barnes said: “It … Continued

May 4, 2015

FARE Report Dismissed by AHA

Somewhat of a media frenzy has stirred this week after the release of FARE’s (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) ‘Annual Alcohol Report’ Wednesday night. Examples of claims made by the report include those such as the “alcohol industry makes political donations to influence policy”, according to participants, as well as that the “alcohol industry … Continued

April 30, 2015

Retailers Fail ID Checks

The Liquor Stores Association (LSA) of NSW has been notified that a number of anonymous audits were undertaken by the Central Coast Health, Police Local Area Commands and the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing in retail outlets on the Central Coast in July and August. The bodies sent secret shoppers aged 18 and 19 … Continued

April 30, 2015

The Rise of the Blogger

Recent times have seen the rise of influential food and drinks bloggers – industry insiders with substantial knowledge and a passion for their subjects have set up blogs to educate consumers and retailers alike. But why have food and drinks bloggers gained so much in popularity? People no longer just want a nice bottle of … Continued

April 30, 2015

Liquor Barons Breaks Grounds for Independents

Liquor Barons is to be the first independent retail banner group to offer a true scan data service utilising IRI-Aztec data. Breaking grounds as the first independent retailer to do so, Liquor Barons has appointed IRI-Aztec as its data agent. This new relationship means that Liquor Barons scan data is now available through IRI-Aztec’s services … Continued

April 24, 2015

Family Values: A Look Inside island2island

As island2island nears eight years of trading, Managing Director Les Page looks back on the development of the business, family business principals and the challenges the broader industry faces in a time of unprecedented change.    If ever the phrase “change is the only constant” were true now would be the time you’d find few … Continued

April 23, 2015

ANZAC Centenary: Our Drinks Brands A Year Ago and 100 Years On

[divider] One hundred years ago, with nearly a tenth of Australia’s population at war, two drinks enlivened our servicemen more than any other: beer and rum. One other drink rectified them when conditions were often far worse – and life-threatening: brandy. This was a time when brewing was run on a widespread and very parochial … Continued

April 23, 2015