Cointreau Christmas gift pack

Cointreau releases Christmas gift pack

October 30, 2019
By Alana House

This festive season, Cointreau is offering consumers the opportunity to be the mixologist at gatherings with a Christmas gift pack.

La Maison Cointreau opened its doors in 1849, in Angers, France, where it created Cointreau, the world’s first Triple Sec.

Its secret recipe remains unchanged from the 18th century. The finest sweet and bitter orange peels are still carefully selected to create the orange liqueur.

“Cointreau is a key ingredient in more than 350 cocktails,” explained Alfred Cointreau, Global Brand Heritage Manager of Cointreau.

“It’s the perfect balance of flavours, the exceptional power and richness of orange aromas, and the absolute crystalline transparency that makes Cointreau truly stand out.

“Its exceptional profile draws on specific aspects – quality, and optimal concentration of the essences taken from sweet and bitter orange peels, the balance of flavours, a long finish on the palate and more than 40 aromatic notes,” he adds.

Cointreau Margarita; Cointreau Christmas gift pack

Cointreau’s favourite cocktail is the Margarita.

“Not only because its creator, [Dallas socialite] Margaret Sames, created it with Cointreau, but because the Margarita is a classic that’s both elegant and festive,” he explained.

“Everything from the ingredients to the glass it’s served in is exciting, not to mention it’s simple and delicious.”

The Christmas gift pack includes a jigger with a 700ml Cointreau bottle – only available at independent liquor retailer stores nationally, while stocks last.

Ideas for being the ultimate host can be found on

The Cointreau Christmas gift pack is available at all leading retailer stores from $60.

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