Beam Suntory To Hold The Great Whisk(e)y Rumble

August 19, 2015
By Alana House
On 1 September, Beam Suntory Australia will host four of the world’s top whisk(e)y experts in the Great Whisk(e)y Rumble, an event designed to showcase the growth, innovation and diversity of the company’s portfolio of whiskies.

Together for the first time in one place, Fred Noe – seventh generation Master Distiller of Jim Beam, John Campbell –  distillery manager of Laphroaig, Dan Tullio – Canadian Club Whisky Master Ambassador and Hiroyoshi (Mike) Miyamoto – Suntory Whisky Global Brand Ambassador will join forces to debate and discuss the category globally.

Beam Suntory has grown to develop an incredibly diverse portfolio of spirit brands, and in the whisk(e)y category alone the company holds more than 30 brands, including ‘new age’ whiskies from Japan and Canada.

The Beam Suntory portfolio also has remarkable breadth when it comes to the different types of whisk(e)y; from single malts to blends, from bourbon and rye whiskey.

“The Rumble is the perfect setting to really hash out who has the best whiskey,” says Noe.

“Whiskey is now produced all over the world, and each country has its own set of distillation rules as well as its own unique whiskey. There is no question that Bourbon whiskey from Kentucky is hands down the best.”

Beam Suntory will be the first leading spirits company to host an event of this proportion. The showcase is not open to the public, however, the whisk(e)y experts will be making several other visits while in Australia.


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