Australia’s most valuable imported whisky cask

July 18, 2019
By Alana House

The Glendronach 1993 Cask #392 – the most valuable whisky cask ever imported into Australia – has been exclusively bottled for The Whisky List.

The luxurious and rare single malt Scotch whisky has been aged 26 years in a first-fill ex-Oloroso Sherry cask, hand-selected by GlenDronach Master Blender, Dr Rachel Barrie and consisting of only 659 bottles at 51% ABV.

Each year, Dr Barrie (below) specially selects a handful of individual casks from the warehouses at The GlenDronach Distillery, to be released as a GlenDronach Cask Bottling. Each of these extremely limited releases is bottled from a single cask that displays only the most remarkable characteristics, the single malt whisky contained within having developed exceptionally during the long maturation process.

Dr Rachel Barrie; The GlenDronach; most valuable whisky cask

From this exclusive group of casks, The GlenDronach 1993 Cask #392 was singled out by Dr Barrie as an outstanding, exceptional cask.

Dr Barrie’s tasting notes include an appearance of Hazelnut in colour, a nose of strawberry preserve, burnt orange zest, sandalwood and honeycomb and a palate consisting of red liquorice orange zest, Oloroso, pepped apple and bramble. The finish is long, warming and lingering.

Chris Ross, co-founder at The Whisky List explained: “Being a small market and far away from the US and the UK, Australia often is left to last – or just completely left out – of selecting any single cask bottlings from distilleries, forcing whisky drinkers and collectors in Australia to purchase these kinds of releases from overseas websites and auction houses.

“This is why we’ve partnered with Brown-Forman in selecting this delicious cask from GlenDronach.”

In selecting this cask, Chris noted “We wanted to select a remarkable whisky, something just for Australia and something to help the rest of the world sit up and take notice of the whisky scene here. And not something other markets had passed up, but rather a release that would be sought after across Australia and even by whisky drinkers around the world.

“Our criteria was simple, it had to taste as good as we would expect a 26yo GlenDronach from early 1993 – one of the truly great vintages of the distillery – to be; rich and flavourful, but mature, refined and balanced. And of course it needed to have a fantastic, long finish.

“It had to truly demonstrate the character of this amazing distillery. And with the help of our friends at GlenDronach, we’ve scored for Australia a cask that is everything we wanted it to be.”

Chris also notes “While we’re aware of numerous other luxury casks coming to Australia, to the best of our knowledge, this is the most valuable whisky cask ever imported into Australia, being worth close to $500,000.

“It’s a significant investment for the Australian market, even for a whisky of this calibre and we hope Aussie whisky drinkers will savour every last drop.”

The Glendronach 1993 Cask #392 is priced at RRP $700. This release is distributed by The Whisky List. It will be available at $650 AUD to members of The Whisky List for a special pre-sale event starting July 30.

To try Australia’s most valuable whisky cask before you buy, The Whisky List in partnership with The GlenDronach will host a number of exclusive tastings featuring #392 single cask in whisky bars across Australia. Venues include, Archie Rose Distilling Co. (NSW), Hains & Co (SA), The Elysian and Whisky + Alement (VIC) and Halford Bar (WA).

Tickets for these events will be announced via The Whisky List website, newsletter and social media. A limited supply of bottles will also be available to purchase at the upcoming Sydney Whisky Fair 2019.

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