Australian Distilling Co Launches New Vodka Range

March 19, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Australian Distilling Co has launched its vodka range including two distilled spirits, Australian Distilling Co Vodka and Adelaide Vodka.

The flagship and signature spirit which launched this month, are the first of many new releases for Australian Distilling Co in 2021 as its portfolio continues to evolve.

Australian Distilling Co has 13 gin brands to its name, each of which embodies an Australian region or state through its unique combination of local ingredients.

“We’re constantly working to evolve our brand and it just so happens that vodka was next on our agenda. We’re extremely excited to grow and add these new spirits to our range; they’re complementary to and the perfect partner for our gin,” said ADCo founder, Michael Hickinbotham.

The Australian Distilling Co Vodka is handcrafted using pure Australian grain and distilled  with carbon filter and natural spring water, while the Adelaide Vodka is triple distilled from premium grapes and spring water, derived from the Adelaide Hills.

  •  Australian Distilling Co. Vodka (700ml) RRP $64.99 – The flagship vodka is handcrafted using Australian grain distilled using carbon filter and pristine Australian water sourced from natural springs. Resulting in a smooth and elegant vodka that is distinctly pure of spirit.
  •  Adelaide Vodka (700ml) RRP $64.99 – Adelaide Vodka is a pure and sophisticated expression of an elegant city. Triple distilled from premium grapes and spring water from the Adelaide Hills, this artisan crafted spirit is silky smooth with a fine character.

Both are available to shop online via the ADCo. Spirit Bar and soon to be stocked at local retailers and venues across the country.

This is the first of many spirit launches for Australian Distilling Co. this year, with new releases on the horizon.

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