Archie Rose Harvest Gin

Archie Rose releases Harvest Gin

February 17, 2020
By Alana House

Archie Rose Distilling Co kicks off 2020 with the launch of a 2019 Harvest Gin featuring Poorman’s orange.

The annual Harvest Series sees Archie Rose hero growers, providores, foragers and regions – as a true expression of the ingredients and provenance behind its gins, vodkas, whiskies, rums and other spirits.

This inaugural Harvest spirit is a 2019 gin that showcases Poorman’s orange, a rare and unassuming citrus, complemented by individually distilled bergamot orange peel, emerald green finger lime and lemon scented gum. 

The Poorman’s orange used in Harvest Gin 2019 was grown by Peter Dryden – supplier to some of the country’s leading restaurants – in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Harvested in June, the crop, including flesh and peel was shared between Archie Rose and Restaurant Orana’s 2019 Sydney residence, during which time, Archie Rose distillers noticed their supply prematurely dwindling due to the enormous amount Orana required. However, Archie Rose, just needing the peel and not the flesh, arranged with Orana to take the peel for distilling. 

“The quality of the Harvest Gin 2019 produce was fantastic and the uniqueness of flavours equally engaging,” said Archie Rose Master Distiller, Dave Withers. 

“When we distilled the Poorman’s orange, it showcased notes of mandarin, sherbet and grapefruit and had the most beautiful citrus character.

“The bergamot orange, also from Peter, was amazing quality. We have distilled bergamot in the past and it can be tricky to get right. We expected some challenges, but Peter’s bergamot was a pleasure to work with giving a floral and vibrant dimension to the classic earl grey tea citrus.”

Archie Rose Harvest Gin

Continuing its focus on ethically sourced Australian ingredients, Harvest Gin 2019 features emerald green finger lime grown by Vickie Shina from Marvick Native Farms, WA along with wild lemon scented gum.

On the hunt for finger limes and having had a long relationship with Vickie as a providore, the Archie Rose production team discovered that with over 54 varieties, Vickie grew a number of them in her orchard. After trialling eight different types, the emerald green finger lime was chosen with its herbal edge, which married perfectly with juniper.

“We view the raw materials we use in our spirits as paramount,” said Archie Rose founder, Will Edwards. “The heat and drought combined with the recent bushfires has resulted in 80% of Peter’s farm being burnt which will have a significant impact on the 2020 crop.

“We therefore feel very fortunate and humbled to be featuring the 2019 harvest of Poorman’s orange in this spirit and to be working with and supporting growers and providores such as Peter and Vickie to showcase their produce the best way we can through our Harvest Series.”

Archie Rose Harvest Gin 2019 will be available from February 24 at great bars, independent bottle shops and as always at the Archie Rose Bar and

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