April Fool’s best drinks pranks

April 1, 2019
By Alana House

April Fool’s Day 2019 has seen some excellent beverage pranking from companies including SodaStream, Domino’s and Jimmy Brings.

SodaStream partnered with American astronaut Scott Kelly to introduce a revolutionary fake technology that turns excess CO2 into sparkling water.

Kelley stars in an infomercial-style video and gives a scientific explanation about a fake product called SodaStreamMe that is supposed to create a cure for people who suffer from excess levels of CO2, causing them to burp.

At the end of the infomercial, viewers are invited to visit a website where Kelly explains in a video that burping in space is actually impossible.

Domino’s introduced a Candied Pepperoni Thickshake.

The company said the new shake, inspired by its most popular pizza flavour, combined candied pepperoni pieces sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream, with an added swirl of sweet pepperoni syrup.

Jameson launched a clever way to deter would-be whisky thieves: Jameson Catchmates comes complete with ‘glittershot’ technology. One twist of the cap sees sip-stealers showered with a wave of green glitter.

Alcohol delivery service Jimmy Brings launched a fake range of dog-friendly wines called Pooch Punch, including Pooch Punch, Char-Dog-Nay, Paw-Secco and Pup Grigio.

According to The Drum, Jägermeister announced it was joining the cannabis market with the launch of the Jägerbong: a kit that includes a 1L bottle of the aperitif they can recycle and turn into a bong, a bong carb, a hacky sack, eye drops, a lighter and grinder.

Manchester’s Disbury Gin claimed to have created an new exotic sip flavoured from hand-foraged crocodile tears imported from Australia.

Tears from 13 different species of crocodile were said to have been used in the spirit, which was described as “sharp and slightly salty”.

According to the brand the “tears foraged from the crocodiles are only ever tears of joy or happiness which means the new expression is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.”

Liam Manton, co-founder of Didsbury Gin, said: “My mum’s uncle lives in Perth so we got chatting to him about how we could make this happen, and he offered to forage the tears from his local reptile park. He has been making the crocodiles at West Australia Reptile Park cry tears of happiness every Tuesday, before we import them back here to Manchester to create the gin.”

And Sydney Brewery offered a liquid lunch, with sausage, peas and mash stout making up a meal in a glass.

Have we missed any?

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