78 Degrees native vodka crafted from the tubers of the Boab tree

October 11, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

78 Degrees has launched a second vodka, crafted from the tubers of the Boab tree. It is the first in a series from 78 Degrees’ that are being crafted to highlight uniquely Australian flavours.

“We wanted to produce a vodka that is unique in style, whilst being completely Australian in nature,” says Head Distiller, Sacha La Forgia, “We chose Boab tubers because they are incredibly high starch and have a sweet delicate flavour, perfect for distilling into vodka.”

Handcrafted from the young tuber of the Boab tree found in The Kimberley, the distilling team extracted the rich sugars from the young tuber before fermenting and distilling them into a vodka at 78 Degrees’ home in the Adelaide Hills. 

There are many theories around how the Boab tree found itself in Australia. From floating across oceans, to being imported by early human settlers, the origins of the Boab are widely disputed. However it made its way here, the Boab tree is an iconic symbol of Australia and unique to parts of the Kimberley. With a taste and texture similar to water chestnuts, the tubers have long been an abundant food source for local peoples, and the Boab tree is engrained in Western Australian culture.

Sustainability is at the heart of every process undertaken by 78 Degrees and all of the water in the Boab Vodka is sourced from underground aquifers beneath the distillery. This water is further filtered and run through reverse Osmosis (RO) at the onsite waste water plant, removing all salts and minerals, making it as pure as possible.  All waste water is pumped out as irrigation around the grounds of the distillery, filtering back down over time to the aquifer from where it came. 

Leftover Boab pulp was collected and fed to local livestock, ensuring that no part of the product is wasted.

“It was our goal to create a product with an emphasis on flavour, whilst still staying true to our belief of a sustainable model. Through these beliefs we strive for better practices in our production processes,”  said Mr La Forgia.

With its notes of jasmine flowers and orange blossom and an earthy undertone of spice, and creamy flavours of panacotta, citrusy notes of orange and earthy spice of black pepper, the Boab Vodka can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with soda and garnished with blood orange for a uniquely refreshing long drink.

Only 300 bottles of the Boab Vodka have been produced, and it is available for purchase from the 78 Degrees website with free shipping Australia-wide. 

Bottle Size: 700ml

ABV: 40%

RRP: $80

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