Young Henry's International Women's Day

Young Henry’s celebrates International Women’s Day with FREE THE NEIPA

February 25, 2020
By Alana House

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, the women of Young Henrys have presented “FREE THE NEIPA” – a New England IPA.

The limited-edition brew will launch nationally on March 6, with 10% of beer profits donated to Newtown-based women’s charity, Two Good Co.

Young Henrys brewers Carla Daunton and Michelle Hanrahan created the brew as part of the Young Henrys Brewer’s B-Side Series and called on all the women at Young Henrys to have a direct hand in brewing the beer.

“FREE THE NEIPA” is a hazy, complex and fun NEIPA infused with the citrusy essence of bergamot, a key player in Earl Grey tea. Mixed with a motley crew of tropical, fruit-forward hops for a juicy, session-able beer made by women, enjoyed by everyone.

Young Henrys brewer and head distiller Carla Daunton said: “When we first had the idea to use bergamot we didn’t even know what it was, only that it was used in Earl Grey tea.

“Turns out it’s a small citrus and mainly comes from the Mediterranean. The juice is insanely bitter but the rind is packed with lovely oils. So, we infused a heap of dried bergamot rind in neutral grain spirit for a few days then fired up the still to extract as much of the sweet, citrusy deliciousness as possible.”

Young Henrys brewer, Michelle Hanrahan added: “When Carla and I decided we wanted to brew a beer together, it made sense to bring all the amazing women of Young Henrys in to make it Page 2 of 3 happen.

“Doing this in celebration of International Women’s Day was a no brainer. With our love of tea, intrigue with Bergamot and mutual fondness for a cheeky hazy IPA, “Free The NEIPA” was born!”

Young Henry's International Women's Day

Young Henrys supports and celebrates women all year round, from the Young Henrys brew floor and lab, their sales warriors and bar staff, to local creatives, bands, hospitality mates and surrounding charities.

One charity that is particularly close to Young Henrys is the Newtown-based organisation Two Good Co. Two Good Co is a buy one, give one social enterprise that supports and employs vulnerable women, helping to rebuild their self-worth and independence. Through good food and good things, they share love and respect with those who have lived experience of domestic violence and homelessness.

Through this partnership, Young Henrys has pledged to donate 10% of profits from “FREE THE NEIPA” to Two Good Co.

Director of Good Things & Good Times, Two Good Co, Vanessa Watson said: 

“At Two Good Co, everyone is equal around our table. We stand alongside women who have had their self-worth stripped away from them and remind them that they are worthy of dignity and respect. Women from refuges are employed in our kitchen, creating meals for the shelters and businesses we serve.  

“For us International Women’s Day is a time that we connect with our community to celebrate women and their success. Young Henrys are an amazing partner who have supported our mission from the start – from supplying our events with their beer, to fundraising, to ordering our catering and stocking our toiletries in their bathrooms – we’re really grateful for Young Henrys continuous support.”

Young Henry’s notes there is still a long way to go for equal representation in the brewery industry, but it’s definitely on its way.

Daunton said: “For me, working as a brewer is the best parts of science and engineering, and none of the bullshit. We’ve still got a long way to go to achieve equal representation in the brewing industry, but in saying that, we’re pretty bloody proud of where we are now, and in particular where Young Henrys is”.

“FREE THE NEIPA” is available in bottle shops and venues nation-wide from Friday, March 6.

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