Winepilot’s Mid-Low-No Alcohol Wine Award winners revealed

July 3, 2023
By Rachel White

Winners at the Mid-Low-No Alcohol Wine Awards (MLNA) hosted by Wine Pilot were revealed last week at a ceremony held at The Winery in Sydney.

For the second year running, the MLNA awards recognise the best and brightest in the growing mid-low-no alcohol categories. While last year’s awards focused solely on no-alcohol wines, this year the reinvigorated event included an expanded lineup of mid and low alcohol options. 

Angus Hughson, Founder of Winepilot, said that the success of the awards show is a testament to the industry’s commitment to continuous innovation.  

“The Mid-Low-No Alcohol Wine Awards has been a tremendous success, demonstrating the incredible strides made in this segment. The more than doubling in submissions received this year reflects the significant growth that can be seen across the category, with a focus on quality and innovation amongst the top production styles,” he said. 

Submissions for the 2023 awards totalled 140 across three categories – Zero Alcohol (0.00 – 0.49 per cent) – Sparkling, White, Rosé and Red, Low Alcohol (0.5 – 6.9 per cent) – Sparkling, White, Rosé and Red and Mid Alcohol (7 – 11 per cent) – Sparkling, White, Rosé and Red. 

Judging took the form of a two part process, the first was a formal wine critique featuring a panel of highly credentialed judges including winemaking consultant and MLNA 2023 Chairman Mike DeGaris, Shanteh Wale from the Halliday Wine Companion Tasting Team, Matt Dunne former leading sommelier and Group Wine Ambassador from Joval Wine Group, Owner of One Penny Restaurant and Co-Creator at Lyre’s Spirit Co. David Murphy and Wine Pilot Founder and Publisher Angus Hughson.

The second element of the judging was a consumer choice segment which industry professionals casting votes for their top three picks from each category, this event took place last month while the formal judging took place in May. 

Trophies were awarded to the best wines in each category, alongside Wine of Show trophies from both the formal judging and the new consumer choice event. Overall Judges’ Wine of Show was awarded to Not Guilty Rosé NV from Australian Vintage Limited. The Overall Consumer Choice Wine of Show was awarded to Tread Softly Rosé 2022. 

Ross Marshall, Managing Director of Fourth Wave Wine whose Tread Softly brand wine several awards, said he was very pleased with Tread Softly’s performance.

“We take pride in producing exceptional wines at these lower alcohols that offer a vibrant and flavourful alternative for those seeking a lighter option without compromising on taste. These accolades motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries crafting consistent, quality wines,” he said.  

Trophies for the 2023 Mid-Low-No Alcohol Awards: 

Judges Awards:

  • Overall Judges Wine of Show: Not Guilty Rosé NV 
  • Best Sparkling: Tempus Two Zero Prosecco NV 
  • Best White: The Doctors’ Riesling 2022 
  • Best Rosé: Not Guilty Rosé NV 
  • Best Red: Tread Softly Sangiovese 2021 
  • Best Mid (7 – 11 per cent): Tread Softly Sangiovese 2021 
  • Best Low (0.5 – 6.9 per cent): Tempus Two Lighten Up Pinot Noir 2022 
  • Best Zero (0.00 – 0.49 per cent): Not Guilty Rosé NV 

Consumer Choice Awards:

  • Overall Consumer Choice Wine of Show: Tread Softly Rosé 2022 
  • Best Zero Sparkling: V.NO Sparkling Blanc de Blanc NV 
  • Best Zero White: Jacobs Creek Unvined Riesling 2022 
  • Best Zero Rosé: Plus & Minus Rosé 2022 
  • Best Zero Red: Pure Vision Shiraz 2021 
  • Best Mid-Low (0.5 – 11 per cent) Sparkling: See Saw Prosecco 2022 
  • Best Mid-Low (0.5 – 11 per cent) White: Tread Softly Vermentino 2022 
  • Best Mid-Low (0.5 – 11 per cent) Rosé: Tread Softly Rosé 2022 
  • Best Mid-Low (0.5 – 11 per cent) Red: Tread Softly Sangiovese 2021 

Image (L-R): Airlie Jones (Tread Softly), Anthony Kearney (Sales Director, Fourth Wave Wine), Start Leece (Single Vineyard Selllers, distributor of The Doctors’ Riesling), Alyssa Kane (Senior Brand Manager, Tempus Two AVG), Rob Merrick (Site and AustFlavour Manager, AVG), Bel Sieben (Communications Manager, AVG). Photo by James Griffin of Edgeline Photography.

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