Whisky in a box – introducing The Glenlivet’s Goonlivet

March 31, 2023
By Melissa Parker

It seems incongruous, but it’s true – 12-year-old single malt whisky is now in a box as The Glenlivet’s Goonlivet breaks tradition to disrupt the whisky packaging mindset.

The new format with its tongue-in-cheek name will launch in the Australian market on April 1, and no, it’s not an April Fools. It will contain The Glenlivet’s 12-year-old premium single malt in a 1.5-litre ‘bag-in-box’ format.

The new format suits the needs of bartenders and at-home cocktail mixers. It builds on The Glenlivet’s global brand heritage, ‘Original by Tradition’, which has seen the single-malt brand defy whisky conventions. Last year the brand signed Anna Paquin as an ambassador for their ‘Obey the rules, miss the fun’ campaign and encouraged Aussies to drink Scotch in new ways.

Eric Thomson, Global Marketing Director / Pernod Ricard, said, ”The new format is a natural evolution of everything The Glenlivet brand stands for – to reach a new style of whisky drinker.”

The team behind the new product development worked with some of Australia’s top bartending talent to test the prototype for cocktail-making functionality and design. The format features a gold tap for ease of pour and foil bag to maintain the quality of the single malt Scotch.

Sarah Proietti, ALIA Bartender of the Year and Venue Manager at Sydney bar, Maybe Sammy said, “It’s a game changer. It’s so easy to make and serve cocktails, whilst The Goonlivet creates a new kind of theatre behind the bar – as it clearly stands out.”

The whisky in a box aims to open up different drinking occasions the spirit has not been part of traditionally. The portability and flexibility of the boxed Scotch make it suitable for everything from parties to camping trips with friends.

The Goonlivet will be available to pre-order via The Glenlivet website and The Whisky Club. To celebrate the launch Maybe Sammy will serve ‘Goon Fashioned’ cocktails from April 1.

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