Vero Cocktails’ Negroni with love from Melbourne

May 3, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

A new player in the premium premixed cocktail market, Vero Cocktails, with their flagship Vero Negroni are introducing the tradition of the Italian Aperitivo into Australian homes.

Vero Founder James Longo’s Italian heritage means he’s always had a love for the classics, with his father instilling in him a drive to not only make fine cocktails, but to make them the right way. Over the years James became known as a cocktail aficionado among his friends and was deemed the official cocktail maker at gatherings and celebrations.

When COVID-19 lockdowns hit Melbourne in 2020 and rendered James, who was working as a pilot in the aviation industry, unemployed, he was inspired to develop Vero Cocktails and craft the first product of the range, the Vero Negroni.

“My dad, who came to Australia from Italy in the 60s, always loved a classic Negroni and was very passionate about the right way to make them. I thought if there were quality pre-made cocktails available, everyone could become an expert!” James says.

Leaning into this Italian heritage, he worked with his dad to craft Vero’s first prebatched and bottled cocktail. The Vero Negroni is mixed with the traditional combination of Gin, Campari and Vermouth, prioritising quality, craftsmanship and culture.

“An aperitivo is best enjoyed shared, so rather than the usual single serve pre-made cocktails we decided to create a 700ml bottle that serves nine glasses – perfect for dinner parties and gatherings,” James says.

Now, the Aussie-made, Italian-inspired Vero Negroni is being enjoyed across the country, available in over 50 stores across Victoria and NSW and online at Dan Murphy’s and the Vero Cocktails website.

Product Features

  • Australian-made
  • Ingredients: Campari, Cinzano Rosso Vermouth & Premium Gin, nothing else!
  • 700ml bottle – serves 9 Negroni’s
  • RRP $75 (that’s just $8 per cocktail)
  • 26% Alc Vol
  • 12+ Month Shelf Life (once opened)
  • Enjoy over ice with an orange peel garnish
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