Tiger Beer bar snacks

Tiger Beer releases tarantula & scorpion bar snacks

February 16, 2020
By Alana House

Forget peanuts, Tiger is encouraging drinkers to try exotic bar snacks such as roasted scorpions with their beer.

Tiger’s “East Of What You Know” positioning in on-premise sees the brewer re-invented the Western bar snack.

It’s created five Eastern-flavoured bar snacks: Roasted Scorpion, Garlic Grasshopper, Peri Peri Cricket, Teriyaki Mealworm and Roasted Tarantula.

According to Tiger Beer’s New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO: “Tiger Bar Snacks are the ultimate selection of salty, crunchy bites – matched perfectly with our Eastern beer.”

“The treats are prepared, packaged and presented in Tiger bars throughout Australasia, as the ultimate experience-with-purchase, and the perfect invitation to try something East Of What You Know.”

Dave Brady, creative director at Colenso BBDO added: “We wanted to reconnect Kiwi drinkers with a beer that was born on the streets of South East Asia. That’s why Easternising the Western bar snack felt like a natural response, one that demonstrated our attitude towards the unknown in a way that got people talking – and crunching.”

Tiger Beer bar snacks

Tiger Bar Snacks launched at The Portland Public House in New Zealand’s Kingsland in December.

We’re on the hunt to find out where you can eat the snacks in Oz. Stay tuned …

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