The winner of Heineken’s Star Quality Tournament has been crowned

March 28, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Mirco Tarducci of CY O’Connor Village Pub, WA, took home top honours in the Heineken Star Quality Beer Pourer Tournament finals in Melbourne on Saturday. The finals involved the tournament’s state winners, which had led a competition pool of bartenders from more than 100 venues nationwide. 

“We brought the best of the best to Melbourne this weekend and we’re thrilled to see Australian bartenders’ commitment to excellence in hospitality, which certainly showed in their attention to detail with our five step Star Quality ritual”, said Tom Vos, Global Heineken Star Quality Ambassador.

The Star Quality Tournament teste bartender’s on their ability to perform Heineken’s five-step Star Quality ritual: rinse, pour, skim, check, and serve. 

“We have over seven years of mystery shopping research which has identified that consumers are twice as likely to repurchase a Heineken if the Bartender complies with the five steps,” said Dino Bozzone, Australia’s Country Manager for Heineken. 

“We want to ensure Australian consumers have a consistently premium experience wherever they purchase a Heineken.” 

One of the requirements for the competition is that the beer features a head of froth to help retain freshness. 

“The foam head works to maintain the beer’s freshness by preventing oxygen from entering and retaining carbon dioxide,” said Bozzone.

“The Heineken Star Quality training teaches bartenders how to pour a perfect head that rests on the shoulders of the red star, this foam head stays on the beer for longer and keeps the beer as fresh as possible.”

The tournament’s finals took place at Melbourne’s Middle Park Hotel on Saturday, coinciding with the Australian Grand Prix 2024. Each of the state winners was awarded tickets to attend the F1 event, including two nights of accommodation, flights and food and beverage expenses. As national champion, Tarducci also received a $500 Lion voucher and a year’s supply of Heineken beer. 

The full list of finalists included: 

  • Mirco Tarducci from CY O’Connor’s, WA
  • Jordan Clayton from the Story Bridge Hotel, QLD
  • Jasper Darley from the Windmill Hotel, SA
  • Cecilia Millan Ichon from online hospitality platform Barcats, VIC
  • James Burgess from Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour, NSW
  • Vicki Brown from Hophaus, VIC
  • Boris van der Kloor from The Emerson, VIC

Heineken also rolled out a specific ad campaign over the weekend to coincide with its Australian Grand Prix 2024 partnership.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate another year of our partnership with the F1 by launching a local campaign that aims to celebrate the sounds of good times at the F1,” said Bozone. 

“Sound is such a critical part of the immersive experience at the Formula 1. Without the sounds of the engines roaring, crowds cheering and bars buzzing, this event wouldn’t be the one we all know and love. 

“We look forward to seeing fans come together & celebrate the good times with their mates over this weekend, with a Heineken or Heineken 0.0 in hand at the F1.”

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