The team behind The Distillers Institute have launched a brewers equivalent 

June 24, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Following the 2020 launch of The Distillers Institute, the Tasmanian-led brewing and distilling industry education business has launched a beer industry focused business arm, The Brewers Institute, designed to assist current and prospective breweries to better navigate existing industry pressures. 

The new educational institute is being led by Troy Trewin, who has been involved in the brewing industry for more than seven years including in his current position as Chair of The Hobart Brewing Company.

“Now, more than ever, it is critical for anyone thinking of starting a brewery, or swapping from homebrew to something more professional, to do it right,” said Trewin.

“This means making a great plan, doing the numbers and the business planning to make sure that your ideas will hold in the market, and then working through the nuts and bolts of process, marketing and sales is absolutely critical.”

A large part of The Brewers Institute’s program concerns maximising financial planning and making the most of available support.  According to Trewin, “a lot of people don’t know of the tremendous support the Federal government provides the craft brewing industry, with its $350,000 annual excise rebate per brewery – which means you’d need to sell more than $5 million in pints in your brewpub before paying this excise tax.”

The expansion comes at a time of mounting pressures being faced by the brewing industry, which has seen more than 12 breweries restructure under administration over the past 18 months, and at least three permanently shut their doors.

Mike Capaldo, Hop Products Australia’s National Sales Manager and co-director of The Brewers Institute, said, “if we can help brewers, even just a bit, to build a more robust business, be thinking about their business and effectively reaching customers, and that helps them make a success of their business or reduces their risks in the current market, then that’s a win all around.

“For me, getting involved with The Brewers Institute is about helping brewers to get that surety that the journey they are going on is the right one.

In addition to Mike Capaldo and Troy Trewin, The Brewers institute was Co-Founded by The Gospel’s Distiller Ian Thorn, Director of the Tasmanian Whisky Academy Anne Gigney, and leading New Zealand gin expert Marcel Thompson. Collectively, the five Co-Founders have more than 30 years of experience in the brewing industry and a further 40 years of experience in distilling. 

Since its conception in 2020, sister company The Distillers Institute has reportedly aided more than 600 clients through its two business courses, with more than 10% going on to start their craft distillery businesses. 

The first available brewing course, Planning Your Successful Craft Brewing Business, is available online now. To better understand the structure and educational objectives of this course, view the infographic below:

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