The Aussie-led Filipino distillery that pioneered ‘ube spirits’ now has an importer

July 3, 2024
By Cody Profaca

7000 Islands Drinks has announced that it will be handling the distribution and marketing of Destileria Barako, the Australian-led Filipino distillery best-known for its Ube Cream Liqueur. 

The announcement follows on from a successful launch of Ube Cream to Australia at the end of last year. It also follows on from recent global recognition for Destileria Barako, including a platinum medal at the 2023 SIP Awards and a Gold Medal at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

“Destileria Barako is stoked to join 7000 Islands under the Finest of Filipino Craft banner,” said Tyson Branz, Founder of the Phillipines-based Distillery.

“Australia has outperformed our other export markets for its size, and been really creative in getting our products recognised in a short amount of time – overcoming the barriers to a premium priced liqueur offer.”

Tyson Branz founded Destileria Barako in 2016 alongside fellow Australian Brendan Green and Filipina Junalyn Alo. Branz and Green have also previously partnered on other spirits projects including Queensland’s Saleyards Distillery, producer of the Capricorn Spiced Rum. Since then, Phillippines’ mixologist Kalel Demetrio has come on board to assist with sourcing local indigenous products.

7000 Islands’ Founder Siegfrid Bacani said that the partnership was a natural move for the South East Asian spirits distribution specialist. 

“I’m really excited about this partnership with Destileria Barako, as it showcases the craftmanship of the two countries I call home,” she said. 

“Tyson, Brendan, Junalyn and Kalel are the perfect harmony of the tropical gastronomy of The Philippines and Australian craftsmanship.”

Bacani added that Ube Cream Liqueur is well suited to current market trends: “we have four of out of the five flavour trends of Summer (according to Diageo’s recent trend cast). ‘Ube’ is Umami, Tropical, Treating and Bloom Harvest.”

The addition of Destileria Barako to the 7000 Islands’ portfolio follows on from launching the Philippines’ most awarded craft beer brand Engkanto Brewery in Australia last month.

When announcing the new distribution company in November of last year, Siegfrid Bacani said 7000 Islands’ “vision is to harvest and export superb local wines from around Australia that are in perfect harmony with the tropical gastronomy of the Philippines, while providing Australian drinkers with the chance to explore some of the unique taste profiles of popular Filipino liqueurs and spirits.” 

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