Smirnoff launches new day-to-night soda range

September 20, 2023
By Rachel White
Smirnoff Hard Sodas are “hard sodas that are all full of flavour,” said Maddy Stockwell, Marketing Manager (Smirnoff) at Diageo.

Smirnoff’s new Smirnoff Soda range of vodka-based sodas will be available in two iterations: one is a lighter, daytime-appropriate fruit-centric soda coming in at 3.5 per cent ABV, and the other, a 6 per cent ABV hard soda for the night.

Halfway between a seltzer and a traditional RTD, the new range is infused with real fruit and comes in five different flavours. The three lighter sodas are available in zesty flavours like Lime & Lemon, Pineapple & Lime, and Peach & Lime.

Made with fruit juice mixed with vodka and topped with soda water, Smirnoff Sodas are a lower-calorie RTD option with less than 100 calories per can and 2.2g of sugar per 100ml.

The hard sodas have a fuller flavour and come in two options – Yuzu Citrus Burst and Pink Grapefruit Crush – inspired by the electric neon lights of Las Vegas. These harder-hitting sodas are also lower in calories than traditional RTDs, at 140 calories per can.

Maddy Stockwell, Marketing Manager (Smirnoff) at Diageo Australia, said vodka sodas are an emerging segment that’s taking off in the Australian market right now.

“We’re excited to be adding to the hype with our new range of Smirnoff Sodas,” she said. “We know the RTD trend continues to soar, so we’re thrilled to be offering Australians a brand-new duo of ranges that deliver both low sugar and lower calorie options made with real fruit juice, as well as hard sodas that are all full of flavour.”

Smirnoff Sodas and Hard Sodas are now available in liquor stores nationwide, with the Smirnoff Soda Peach & Lime and Pink Grapefruit Crush Hard Soda available exclusively at Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

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