Romantic fine dining taken to astronomical new heights

February 14, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Marriage proposal specialist ApoteoSurprise has unveiled the details of its latest ultra-exclusive fine dining experience: a romantic meal served on board a space capsule at an altitude 35 kilometres above ground.

The €750,000 (over $1,235,000 AUD) experience draws further sci-fi inspiration by employing StellarEmbrace, an AI-equipped robot, as both waiter and host. 

“StellarEmbrace will address the young woman by her name and, presenting her with a bouquet of roses, announce that a gourmet dinner for two in space awaits,” said a ApoteoSurprise Press Release. 

“The robot will adapt to the emotions and desires of the couple, providing a truly unique interaction.”

The fine dining experience will include five courses served over a three hour period, paired with wine and champagne selected by a renowned two Michelin star French chef. 

“At an altitude of 35 kilometers, the space module will be above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere, allowing the couple to gaze at the curvature of the Earth, its blue halo, and the total darkness of space,” said the press release. 

“Like only 600 astronauts before them, the lovers will experience the overview effect, a cognitive shift that will redefine their view of the world and connect them to all of humanity.”

The romantic evening will gradually meander its way towards the pinnacle moment, in which the AI robot will interrupt the meal to inform the man that he has forgotten something important. The robot will then hand him a luminous box protected by a secret code. 

Once unlocked by the suitor, the box will reveal a luxurious case containing an engagement ring, giving the lucky couple the chance to seal their love within all of space’s eternity. 

The exclusive experience will be available from 2025 onwards. For more information, visit ApoteoSurprise’s website here.

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